Article: You're planning to hire? Use Skype!

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You're planning to hire? Use Skype!

Two simple methods to reduce hiring costs are using Skype and teleconferencing facilities
You're planning to hire? Use Skype!

Author: Prof. Shubhasheesh Bhattacharya


Method 1: Skype can be used if the test tool is only interview. Because of widely and easily accessible technology, this method is quite convenient and cost effective.

Method 2: Sometimes, selection-test requirement is to conduct GD, PI, PsychometricTests or other written tests etc., to be administered on potential candidates, who are being sourced from different locations. In this situation, using traditional methods like inviting candidates to be physically present at the company’s premises is less effective. There is cost involved in travel, panel members cost, etc. Furthermore, some candidates, who could be asset for the organization, may not be able to turn up on the decided date as they may have some other important assignments etc.

Process and Approach: In such situation, Teleconferencing centres like Reliance Web etc., can be used. These centres are at different locations. Candidates can be informed to come to such teleconferencing centres near their place, on a convenient date & time for selection tests. Tie-up can be done with such teleconferencing centres just to provide infrastructure and for coordination to administer the selection tests which will be controlled and monitored by the organization. Confidentiality aspect of the selection-kit will be fully controlled and monitored by the organization. So, infrastructure and coordination part can be outsourced to such teleconferencing centres.

Scalable: Based on the number of manpower required (vacancy) and the number of candidates invited to come for selection process at the teleconferencing centres, it can be scaled-up by booking more dates & time slots with the teleconferencing centres. Similarly, it can be scaled-down.

The above process, reduces the ‘cost per hire’, and will have advantages on following points:

  1. Travel, accommodation and miscellaneous cost of candidates.
  2. Travel, accommodation and miscellaneous cost of panel members if they have to travel for conducting selection tests.
  3. Cost of time of the panel members, as they will be taken off their regular work, for conducting selection tests.
  4. More candidates will be available for the selection tests, because of proximity of selection centers i.e., teleconferencing centers, thus making better selection- ratio for the company.
  5. Chance to select a better candidate will improve because of availability of more candidates for selection process. This will help company as the quality of talent provides competitive edge to the company.

Prof. Shubhasheesh Bhattacharya is Professor and HOD- HR at Symbiosis Institute of International Business, Pune. Follow him on Twitter @shubhasheeshb

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