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Brand Who? Yes, 'YOU' - Brand ME CEO

It is time to invest in the brand 'YOU' as this will set you apart from the crowd and help create your own identity
Brand Who? Yes, 'YOU' - Brand ME CEO

Personal branding happens without effort. The way you talk, the way you walk, the way you dress or even say yes! Your unique attributes will soon come to define you


You may want both an online and offline presence that reflects the brand you are creating for yourself. This is how others will see you and remember you


Meet Philippe Dubost.
Facebook hits: 27,000.
Webpage hits: 2,00,000.
Still wondering who he is? Read on…

Philippe Dubost, a French jobseeker, began looking for a new job as a web product manager and was depressed by the thought of sending a regular resume out to prospective employers. Instead, he created a custom resume based off an Amazon product page, complete with product dimensions, review, five star ratings, worldwide shipping and even a gift wrap option! Saying the idea worked well for him is an understatement! He landed a job at NYC almost instantly.

Meet Robby Leonardi: Created a stunning Super Mario Bros interactive resume. A resume that’s fun to scroll through and memorable too–now that’s a jackpot combination.

Moving on to the more famous names…

Usain Bolt: The fastest man in the world, with three Olympic and World Championship records to his credit.

Richard Branson: Creator of one of the world’s most recognizable brands without any formal business school training

Steve Jobs: Changed the personal computing, music, and telecommunications space forever

Donald Trump: A real estate mogul by profession with his name on everything he approves from buildings to steaks and even reality TV shows!

MSD: Mahendra Singh Dhoni: Need I say anything at all about this brand to us cricket crazy Indians

The above are just some examples of how personal branding is powerful and goes a long way in influencing success. Personal branding is “the process whereby people and their careers are marked as brands”. They go to show that how you are perceived is an important aspect of sustaining success and even opening the door to success. This holistic approach makes a person unique from the rest of the crowd. In a world of so much information overload, competition and clutter, what can you do to differentiate yourself from others? With some creativity and attention to personal branding, you can go a long way!

Based on my personal experiences, here is a short toolkit to help you get started with investing in the power of YOU!

Defining: Who You Are

We are human, we’re complex! A complex human being is undoubtedly the most complicated product to deal with. So first take time to define who you really are. This self-analysis is perhaps the hardest part of the process of personal branding. Figuring out who you are and what you want from life takes time, but it is worth the investment. Remember, when given a little thought, personal branding can become a powerful tool to improve your career, relationships and life.

Personal branding happens without effort. The way you talk, the way you walk, the way dress or even say yes! These unique attributes define you, which then become your personal brand. Whether you like it or not, whether you want it or not, people associate certain things with you.

Here is a quick checklist that may help you define YOU. Writing these down may help you get greater clarity.

  • Needs: What are your needs? Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is a helpful tool that helps identify your needs from the most basic (physiological needs such as food) all the way up to self-actualization – becoming everything that you are capable of becoming.
  • Values: List the core principles that bring meaning to your life. Treat them as a set of standards that determine your attitudes, actions and choices.
  • Interests/passions: List the things that motivate you and determine how you want to spend your time.
  • Personality attributes, Strengths: Based on life experiences you have had till date as well as 360º feedback from the people who know you best (such as friends, family, coworkers), define key personality traits and areas of strength.

Creating: Use What You’ve Got

Now that you are done with the defining phase, get cracking using what you have got!

You may want both an online and offline presence that reflects the brand you are creating for yourself. This is how others will see you and remember you.

Leverage the internet to define your brand. The Internet is an ocean where you can drown yourself or with some ingenuity find yourself in an island paradise. A sure way to build your personal brand in this high-tech generation is through social networking so leverage it to the fullest.

Be authentic

Ever heard of the saying “The most exhausting thing you can be is inauthentic”. There is so much truth to that statement!

Personal branding sets you apart as you identify differences and then learn how to use those differences to make you a memorable brand. It is a celebration of your individuality so be as authentic as you can.

Now that you have created your identity, turn your attention to the message and what you represent. Stick to what you believe in and voice it passionately. Let passion take over and you will need nothing else!

So whether you want to be called an Excel God, Sudoku Master, or a Rock star… invest in your brand building passionately. You are a brand so know the messages you are sending out. No one can build brand you, except yourself!

If you found the above thoughts I shared useful, you will surely enjoy the Chapter dedicated to personal branding titled “Slit Chillies on the Rocks” in my book “You Don’t Need a Godfather”.

You don’t need a Godfather, you need YOU!
Read on and share your comments as that’s what keeps me going…

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