Article: #20 Cactus Communications: Culturally happy!


#20 Cactus Communications: Culturally happy!

Happiness at work is the key goal
#20 Cactus Communications: Culturally happy!

Cactus believes that one of its primary goals is to ensure its people are happy at work, intrinsically and not just superficially. The company’s efforts, be it policies, communication, or talent management measures revolve around this simple yet effective goal.

With a diverse and dynamic workforce, each ‘Cactizen’ works hard to ensure that everyone comes together as one family, which in turn creates a culture unique to the organization. Says Susanne Gupta, AVP, HR, “The fact that our people are happy, leads to a happy and energized work environment. Our vision and value system, coupled with our culture and workforce, foster an environment where people naturally want to excel.” Culture plays a vital role in the company’s vision, adds Susanne, “We believe that it is our strong value system and the Cactus culture—a culture that is harmonious, encouraging, and forward-looking, with a strong focus on achieving the Cactus vision—that ties each person together, even though the teams are so diverse.”

The company believes in keeping their people engaged at work constantly. For this, they have in place different programs that cater to the needs of different sets of individuals—from foodies to sports-fans. One of its key principles is to have the right fit for the right job which contributes to ensuring each Cactizen is enjoying his/her work.

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