Article: #15 Claris Lifesciences: Conducive work culture

Employee Engagement

#15 Claris Lifesciences: Conducive work culture

A culture that enables great work and team spirit
#15 Claris Lifesciences: Conducive work culture

At Claris Lifesciences, periodic value-add sessions keep the spirit of delivery excellence alive in employees and inspire them to perform their best. The organizational philosophy emphasizes on nurturing conducive work-culture and believes that the real sense of achievement is experienced when there is work-life balance. Says Shyam Sharma, President, HRM & Corporate Communication, “HRM plays the role of a culture-shaping catalyst where the informal celebrations increase the connection between company and members, which ultimately enhances organizational productivity.” At Claris, learning & development initiatives are aimed at making careers for people rather than helping them survive their jobs. From learning sessions by seniors, to safety workshops for blue collared employees, to value-add courses for the spouse - Claris focuses on people at all levels. The experiential learning sessions by senior members who have charted unique career paths within the organization, serve as inspiration and strengthen the belief in success through dedication, wholesome development, self initiative and hard-work. 

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