Article: #8 Intuit Technologies Services: Reaching out to employees

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#8 Intuit Technologies Services: Reaching out to employees

Proactively reaching out to the employees to address their needs
#8 Intuit Technologies Services: Reaching out to employees

This ranking is a testament to the values and principles that we are founded on as a company, specifically our 'people first' philosophy”


Intuit India, a leading provider of business and financial management solutions, driven by its passionate employee base is committed to create new and easier technologies for consumers and small businesses to tackle financial problems. At Intuit, the underlying belief is that it is the highly engaged and high performing people who are critical to customer and shareholder delight. To this end, the organizational metrics places people at its centre. It has created a workplace environment that is inclusive as well as positive. Employees are equipped with the best tools and resources that help them deliver their best. An open and transparent leadership abides by walk-the-talk philosophy and encourages open and honest dialogue. An entrepreneurial and innovative culture, a fun and collaborative workplace environment where people learn from failure and celebrate success, and the employee engagement initiatives, are a few facets valued highly by the employees. Further, Intuit offers its employees a number of programs, which help them grow both personally and professionally.

To attract candidates, the organization lays emphasis on mindset and methodologies wherein candidates are hired for their entrepreneurial talent and their ability to solve pain points. In order to reach out to employees, business leaders use Intuit TV, thereby encouraging a two-way communication. The environment is such that employees feel valued and appreciated, and this makes Intuit a great place to work.


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