Article: Talent Analytics Landscape 2017 Research

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Talent Analytics Landscape 2017 Research

The People Matters study surveyed over 200 HR practitioners to uncover the current state and practice of the Talent Analytics function
Talent Analytics Landscape 2017 Research

Organizations have complex and customized human resource requirements. While these requirements vary across industries, location and size, certain patterns related to HR taks emerge within organizations. Leveraging the patterns across HR functions and employee can help in building predictability and prescriptiveness going forward.

Following were the key aims of this research study:

  1. To find out how many organizations are actually having talent analytics as part of their organization.

  2. To understand what tools they actually use for talent analytics.

  3. Understand what are the motivations behind opening talent analytics capability centre.

Following were the key findings of this research study:

  1. 96% of HR people believe talent analytics helps them in better execution of their businesses.

  2. 27% of respondents said they already have talent analytics capability centre. Whereas 23% of respondent think of opening a capability centre in the coming year.

  3. Only 26% of organizations use proper talent analytics software.

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