Article: Time to respond aggressively 2019 - A year of pragmatism for HR

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Time to respond aggressively 2019 - A year of pragmatism for HR

For HR, 2018 was about a lot of 'anticipation'. But what business trends and strategic priorities will most impact HR's agenda in 2019? What will it take to pioneer strategic change? This cover story compiles the biggest priorities for HR in 2019, and what HR professionals need to do to prove their worth!
Time to respond aggressively 2019 - A year of pragmatism for HR

HR has consistently evolved, more so in the last few years. The status quo that it was in was disrupted in 2018 — gig workers, technology onslaught, automation, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, employee experience, and what not. HR moved to the Cloud, to Big Data, to understanding how other technologies could be integrated — and we have all been privy to its disruption and evolution. But the fact of the matter is that many of us were not ready for the changes — either because of organizational unpreparedness or they just simply miscalculated the real work that was needed to face the real world. 2018 was about gathering knowledge, familiarizing, observing, and planning.

And although HR has been consistently evolving and many successful businesses have optimized HR processes and their talent management strategies, the question we are asking is: Where will HR go from here? What will be 2019 like for the HR function?

Long story short – this is the time for HR to stop internalizing and start acting on what it has gathered over the years. And this means going aggressive and ambitious in converting efforts with the aim of putting the points on the board. For this cover story, we reached out to leaders and HR practitioners who gave us their views on what 2019 will be like for HR.

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