Article: What do employers want from B-schools?

Talent Acquisition

What do employers want from B-schools?

Are the existing rankings of business schools in India of any use to employers? Excerpts from discussions with industry experts
What do employers want from B-schools?

Employers are unable to explore possible talent fitment from a larger array of B-Schools in tier II, III and even IV categories


Along with the mushrooming of B-schools in India, the number of agencies coming up with rankings have multiplied over the years, yet employers continue to be lost when making an informed decision of the best suited business school for placements. In the absence of any credible ranking system, most employers resort to perception and intuition, which have emerged as a common guiding light for organizations. But, is this good enough? Can organizations afford to rely merely on perception when choosing their channels to build a solid talent pipeline?

The obvious repercussion of such a practice has led organizations to restrict themselves to the usual suspects, thus exposing most organizations only to talent available in the top rung B-schools as per available rankings today. This is neither beneficial to the employers or the prospective students. Employers are unable to explore possible talent fitment from a larger array of B-schools in tier II, III and even IV categories. Most of these rankings seldom reach these B-schools, and even if they do, there is fear of possible manipulation in play, as rankings become the tool for increasing the marketability for such B-schools. For the students, lack of credibility ranking does not give them access to appropriate information in order to make the right decision when selecting a school.

While employers seek information on the academic rigor, quality of faculty, student intake and quality of research, the current B-school rankings do not have the required framework to present the true picture.

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