Article: Where do CHROs stand today?

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Where do CHROs stand today?

Where does the CHRO stand today and how do they keep up with the daily business needs?

The People Matters Study on the State of the CHRO 2015 is the biggest research carried out on the CHRO function in the country with more than 300 leaders (comprising the CEOs, Business Leaders and Headhunters) participating in both quantitative and qualitative data collection. The survey uncovered the trends that influenced the state of the CHRO in India, the three main being the: (1) widening gap between the CEOs expectations and what the CHROs have to offer; (2) CHROs lack of exposure to business hints; (3) CHROs struggle with aligning the HR strategy with business strategy.

The key findings of the survey exhibit that as the HR function has moved from a process-oriented transactional role to a business-oriented strategic role, there appears to be a worrying gap in the CHRO delivery vis-a-vis expectations. This has also uncovered major trends that disrupt the CHRO function such as challenges and factors that drive their delivery. The unstable ground for organizations in the VUCA world further calls for CHROs to strategically partner with the CEOs. Moreover, where business acumen and strategic partnering are extensively sought for by CEOs, 66% of CHROs have served purely HR functions with little or no experience in revenue generating business outcome-oriented role, only 10% having led sales role and 37% never having sought non-HR functions. This creates a conflcit as the CEOs expect the HR to be open to taking up non-HR roles and projects and becoming a strategic business partner with an understanding of the non-HR functions, but 36% of the CHROs do not see non-HR functions as necessary part of their HR career goals.

The challenges faced by the CHROs today are many. 68% of CHROs feel that architecting the right culture that creates engagement is a challenge; 61% feels that aligning the HR strategy to the company strategy is a major area to deal with; and the other 60% feels that keeping pace with the changing business dynamics is a constant challenge. 

Where do CHROs stand today?

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