Article: 3 triggers for India's job market this year

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3 triggers for India's job market this year

With the new government coming in and the policy reforms proposed, the job market is seeing tremendous growth

The first six months of this year noticed an immense growth in the job market of India. As per the research by, this year the employment index rose 8 per cent vis-à-vis the first six months of last year.

Here are a few factors that triggered this growth:

Stable government & new policies

After long, India now has a stable government with a clear majority. Policy making and bill passing would be much more efficient now. With this and the new policies brought in like the labour law overhaul etc., organizations are projecting huge business expansion and growth. Consequently, the job opportunities in India have picked up quite a lot.

Boosting Manufacturing, Mining & Infrastructure sectors

The government envisions creating around 100 million jobs just by boosting these three sectors within the next 10 years. Furthermore, the plan of creating 100 new cities is also set to aid the growth in job opportunities. The new flexi staffing policies for the manufacturing sector have been received well by the industry and shall act as a catalyst in the growth of the sector as well as the workers involved.

Foreign investment in Indian IT & Insurance sectors

There are a lot of foreign players wanting to invest in the Indian IT & Insurance industries and both industries are poised for a remarkable growth in the coming years. These two sectors are expected to continue to create large number of jobs for India in the coming times.

With the new found vigor, all the industries have been growing this year except from the Automobile industry which is still recovering from its biggest recent setback. According to the Indian Staffing Federation, this year India has found a new business confidence which is directly linked to reforms and there is a positive drift among all the sectors with a new ray of hope. This drift has spread rapidly across all the industries positively creating newer job opportunities for India.

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