Article: Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages' HR processes transformed by AI, reveals CPO with key insights

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Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages' HR processes transformed by AI, reveals CPO with key insights

In an exclusive interview with us, Gaurav Sharma also revealed how HCCB consistently fine-tunes its talent acquisition strategy to adapt to changes in the industry landscape and organisational restructuring.
Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages' HR processes transformed by AI, reveals CPO with key insights

The incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI) into the recruitment process has kick-started a new era of operational efficiency and effectiveness for organisations globally. As highlighted in a report by Predictive Hire, approximately 55% of companies have embraced recruitment automation, signifying the widespread adoption of AI-driven technologies in reshaping conventional talent acquisition methodologies. 

AI's contribution to talent acquisition transcends mere automation; it equips recruiters with data-driven insights crucial for making well-informed decisions. From automated resume screening to predictive analytics aiding in candidate selection, AI-enabled tools streamline recruitment workflows while elevating decision-making precision.

This transition towards AI-driven recruitment underscores a growing acknowledgment among companies of the manifold benefits, including efficiency enhancements, cost reductions, and the enhancement of candidate experiences. Among the proponents of this approach is Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages (HCCB). 

In an exclusive interview with People Matters, Gaurav Sharma, Chief People Officer at HCCB, shed light on the transformative impact of AI on their talent acquisition process. He underscored the significance of embracing effective tools and practices to remain competitive in the contemporary hiring landscape characterised by constant dynamism.

Excerpts from the interview: 

What are the primary objectives and goals of HCCB's talent acquisition and retention strategy?

HCCB embarked on a culture transformation which we called our journey towards 'Becoming the Best' in 2023. As a central theme of our culture transformation, we also reviewed our talent strategy with our commitment to being an employer of choice, attracting and nurturing top talent within our organisation. 

Selection process is core to our talent strategy, where we assess and prioritise incumbents who demonstrate strong collaboration, conflict management and accountability, which are the 3 pillars of our culture transformation. During this process we ensure a positive candidate experience from start to finish leveraging our digitised hiring process for efficiency.

Can you share any innovative or unique recruitment practices or channels that have been successful for HCCB?

HCCB's selection methodology leverages systematic, scientific approach to minimise reliance on subjective decision making by integrating psychometric assessments for a comprehensive understanding of candidates, alongside market mapping and future talent pipelining for proactive hiring

Our strategy involves regular dialogue with business leaders to anticipate and prepare for talent needs. The implementation of a digital applicant tracking system streamlines the candidate experience. We also offer customised selection programs tailored to different levels and needs, ensuring that the finest talent is engaged and onboarded through thorough background checks.

What initiatives or programs does HCCB have in place to retain top talent and reduce employee turnover?

HCCB employs objective assessments to identify top talent, aligning these evaluations with our strategic goals. Our People Development Forum (PDF), convening biannually, assesses talent health and facilitates strategic talent planning. We offer top performers opportunities for role exploration, short-term assignments, and progression. 

Leadership check-ins and analytics are used to address and realign employee expectations, keeping career trajectories on track. Regular development programs and open communication channels foster a culture of growth and feedback, supporting our multi-faceted retention strategy.

How does HCCB leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and automation technologies in its talent acquisition processes, and what benefits have these technologies brought to the recruitment function?

AI and automation have revolutionised our talent acquisition process, enhancing efficiency, transparency, and engagement. Tools like 'Skillate' optimise our referral process, while partnerships with platforms like Leena AI enhance candidate and employee engagement through a responsive chatbot. Our entirely digitised recruitment process underscores a shift towards more personalised, data-driven hiring practices, improving quality and operational efficiency.

How does HCCB ensure transparency and open communication with employees during periods of organizational change, including layoffs?

HCCB prioritises open communication across all levels, particularly during significant organisational changes. Leadership's regular engagement with the field and strategic town hall meetings ensure transparency and facilitate direct feedback. This open dialogue supports our commitment to growth and workforce expansion, reflecting our adaptability to India's dynamic economic landscape.

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In the context of organisational restructuring or realignment, how does HCCB adjust its talent acquisition strategy to align with changing business priorities and resource requirements?

In response to industry evolution and organisational restructuring, HCCB continuously refines its talent acquisition strategy to align with shifting priorities. Our focus on efficiency and enhanced manufacturing and distribution capabilities requires an agile and responsive workforce. We prioritise internal talent mobility, with 30% of roles filled internally in 2023, while also seeking external talent based on merit, irrespective of industry background, to fulfil specialised roles.

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