Article: Denis Cauvier to shed light on how talent management drives profits

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Denis Cauvier to shed light on how talent management drives profits

In his session in the upcoming People Matters Talent Acquisition League Annual Conference 2018, global expert on Talent Management, Dr. Denis Cauvier will share insights on how talent acquisition professionals can shift their mindsets to talent management as a whole.
Denis Cauvier to shed light on how talent management drives profits

The People Matters Talent Acquisition League Annual Conference 2018 is returning to Mumbai this month as part of the 2018 People Matters event series with the aim of bringing with it the best and the latest in the sphere of talent acquisition for the recruiting community.

The theme of this year’s conference is ‘Talent Acquisition: Fast Forward’ and the event will address the most poignant talent acquisition challenges, what’s next in TA, and will bring to the table recruiting strategies that work, and best practices on sourcing, assessment, engaging, hiring and onboarding.

One of the highlights of the event will be the keynote session spearheaded by global expert Talent Management, Dr. Denis Cauvier. Denis is one of North America’s top consultants on finding, engaging and retaining exceptional talent. He specializes in providing high impact methods to decrease costly employee turnover, enhance productivity levels, enhance performance, increase sales and employee satisfaction and thereby boost profits. 

Over the last 27 years, Denis has helped deliver over $300 million in new value/revenue to his hundreds of clients ranging from small businesses to dozens of Fortune 500 companies. He is also the author of 12 books which include ‘Hired 2.0 Recruiting Exceptional Talent at the Speed of Light.’

In his session ‘Talent acquisition to talent management – A mindset shift’, Denis will share impactful global stories on how can talent acquisition (TA) professionals shift the mindsets to talent management (TM) as a whole and boost organizational profits.

Denis spoke to People Matters on why talent acquisition professionals need to shift the mindsets to talent management to boost organizational profits. He said, 

“No doubt you have heard the philosophical question of "which came first the chicken or the egg"? This question is a metaphor describing a situation where it is not clear which of two events should be considered the cause and which should be considered the effect. The reality is that both the egg and chicken are totally dependent on each other. This notion holds true within high-performance HR teams. The challenge occurs when silos emerge between TA and TM. Often both think that their contribution is more meaningful or there is a disconnect between the two.”

He adds that both functions when performed strategically not only make their counterparts’ lives easier but contribute to the bottom line. When TA professionals immerse themselves into the world of TM and factor in the company's performance management expectations, learning & development protocols, ongoing career advancement opportunities, engagement efforts all through the lens of the firm’s mission/vision and values, they can deliver their talent acquisition magic. 

Hence when TA is in alignment with TM, major improvements happen within productivity, learning curve, levels of engagement and all these drive profits. 

Denis would also be conducting a masterclass on ‘7 Critical TA METRICS.' Recent studies have shown that only 12 to 15% of senior executives have confidence in TA metrics. In order to influence the C-Suite it is imperative to communicate these 7 critical TA METRICS that drive profits. These are namely-

  • Market Perception of Employer Brand
  • Engagement & retention
  • Time to productivity
  • Revenue generation
  • Ideal candidates
  • Cost of Acquisition
  • Strategic business impact

During this masterclass, Dr. Cauvier will detail how these 7 METRICS drive the bottom line and he will take attendees through a self-check that will get them started with an analysis of the current TA metrics their company use as well as potentially identifying other metrics worth using in the future.

In addition to Denis’ session, over the course of the day, delegates will also hear from CEOs and CHROs from a variety of business sectors and industries, on everything from recruitment tech to AI and intelligent automation in recruitment.

Dr. Denis Cauvier has been brought to People Matters by Right Selection. Know more about such trends at the People Matters Talent Acquisition League Annual Conference 2018 on 30th May which will seek to address the most poignant talent acquisition challenges, what’s next in TA, and how AI and machines are becoming matchmakers for recruiters today.

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