Article: Integrating background screening & technology: Sachin Aggarwal


Integrating background screening & technology: Sachin Aggarwal

Background screening can be even more potent when it is integrated with an ATS
Integrating background screening & technology: Sachin Aggarwal

According to HRO, in US, 83 percent of best-inclass organisations indicate that they use an ATS


Background screening services, a vital and recurring step in the hiring process, is vital to maintaining workforce integrity and safety.It provides the insight needed to reduce risk and improve profitability by helping businesses safeguard transactions, identify trustworthy customers and partners, and hire qualified employees. In essence, it delivers valuable insights that lead to smarter and more informed decisions.

Hiring the most qualified applicants is critical to the success of any business. With the number of ‘me too equally qualified’ candidates in good numbers, it becomes all the more important to ensure that a step like background screening does not become a speed bump in the hiring process. If a top applicant is contemplating two offers and it takes too long for a background screen to be completed, there is a risk of that applicant taking the other offer. Given the sheer volume of background screening that needs to be done, the execution, accuracy and success, depends to a large extent, on its turnaround time.

Background screening becomes even more potent when it is integrated with an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) or any other hiring management solution. According to HRO, in US, 83 percent of best-in-class organizations indicate that they use an ATS, and 59 percent of the topperforming groups integrate their background screening solution at least partially with their ATS. Integration not only offers a secure way of transferring information, but also executes critical steps such as exchange of accurate information, automated status updates and with pre-set rules, maintains the required level of data privacy. Integrating background screening with technology has resulted in some impressive outcomes in terms of the quality of talent hired, reduced turnaround time and also in the improvement of the processesby reducing time and cost to hire.

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