Article: Top 12 trends: Quality versus quantity - Kamal Karanth

Talent Acquisition

Top 12 trends: Quality versus quantity - Kamal Karanth

Kamal Karanth, MD, Kelly Services India

In the coming year, the focus will be on attracting quality talent and not mere numbers. Therefore, companies would concentrate on quality rather than quantity. Going forward, there will be more focus on attracting critical talent and hence, companies will spend more time on engaging with people. This will be true in ‘new economy’ companies where attrition is high and the prerogative would be on attracting top talent through strengthening of their employer brand.

As companies focus on creating a culture of innovation, they will strive for focused recruitment to attract top talent. Therefore, companies will now resort to targeted recruitment and this will redefine talent management. The key focus will be on finding critical talent through a very selective approach.

Talent management in 2012 will be greatly impacted by increased hiring from abroad, which is fast emerging as a new channel for recruitment.

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