Article: Winning talent: It's time for HR to broaden the horizon and focus on people again

Talent Acquisition

Winning talent: It's time for HR to broaden the horizon and focus on people again

It’s time to steer towards human-centric practices to get back to the bare bones of HR: human beings. To assist you, People Matters presents its latest Talent Acquisition Conference 2023, where the focus will be on winning talent!
Winning talent: It's time for HR to broaden the horizon and focus on people again

In the current job market, the best candidates are hard to find and even harder to lock and keep. With such high demand, nearly half of the talent is often considering two other offers. The quit rate remains at a record high, as burned-out employees job hunt. So, to succeed in competing for talent, talent acquisition strategy is a must. 

If you are wondering how, allow People Matters to help! In our latest Talent Acquisition Conference 2023, experts and leaders will deliberate on how to get your A-game on to Win Talent! 

What do talent want? 

Gone are the days when employees only cared about compensation. Now, the focus has shifted to finding meaningful work, work-life balance and opportunities for growth. According to studies, about 56 per cent workers say a company’s culture is more important to job satisfaction than salary. We now know workplaces are no more just about offices with positive and engaging culture, but places that allow employees to develop their skills and advance in their careers. 

How to become an employer of choice? 

Before diving into the how part, it’s crucial to understand the defining characteristics of employers of choice. Strong leadership, competitive pay, engaged workers, meaningful work, and an attractive company culture make an employer of choice. Studies say salary and compensation might top the influencing chart on whether candidates join an organisation, but in today’s job market, employees are looking for a lot more than just good money. 

For instance, an organisation's ability to develop an enticing employer value proposition to prospective employees in areas like salary and compensation, company culture, company's reputation, employer brand, candidates’ interviewing experience, skills of senior leadership and much more. It’s crucial that leaders shouldn’t forget that just like organisations conduct extensive searches when looking for quality candidates, potential employees also do their own homework by researching about the company.  

How can People Matters Talent Acquisition Conference help?

The People Matters’ Talent Acquisition Conference 2023 is an amazing opportunity to step out of the weeds of your role for a day to expand your network of peers, get acquainted with the latest technology solutions, gain insights into industry trends, discover valuable practices and strategies, get inspired by industry leaders, and invest in your own professional development. 

Experts and leaders such as Mervyn Dinnen, Naveen Narayanan, Vidya Lakshmi, Manmeet Sandhu, Nupur Nagpal, Amanpreet Kaur, Vivek M, Mohan Kumar and several others can assist you and your organisation with tremendous transformation in recruiting and talent acquisition. So tag along with us on February 9 at Ritz Carlton, Bengaluru, India, for deep insights into strategic pivots, (re)accelerated hiring, and trends that are here to stay! To register and block your seat, visit our website.

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