Article: A short story: The Notice Period

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A short story: The Notice Period

Ajay, a high performing employee, decides to part ways in spite of ten years long service with his employer. Download the PDF to read the complete story.
A short story: The Notice Period

Storytelling is an art, which not only charms readers but also helps them relate better to the narrated scenario. A well-narrated story helps the reader to remember key takeaways and also works as a guiding example in the case of similar situations.

‘The Notice Period’ is one such story which narrates the dilemma of Ajay, a high performing employee, who decides to part ways in spite of ten years long service with his employer. This story will take you through the corridors of a typical corporate where such a situation is not unusual. Readers would relate to the characters of this story and eventually, it will help them to notice what all one must sincerely evaluate before ending a long term employment.

The story addresses the niche challenge of retaining high performing vintage employees.

Attrition of high performing vintage employees is a bilateral loss and has its own ripple effects. Their retention is challenging, as this set of employees has already received better compensation, fast track growth, and other possible benefits.  As per the principle of marginal utility, the material benefits cease to be perceived valuable in long run and organizations have their limits in extending it too. That is the tipping point, where either such employees decide to quit or get transformed into complacent low contributors.

That is the time when expectation management moves to another level and both should reflect on the non-monitory bonding shared between employee and the organization. However, it is easier said than done, as over the years both start taking each other for granted and starts holding a lot of feelings which they should have expressed.

It is difficult to prepare a to-do list for an organization or a checklist for employees to go through before taking the exit call, as the solution is such cases going to be case specific always.  ‘The Notice Period’ helps readers to sail through one such case which touches upon many similar cases and lets reader decide whether they only work at or belong to their workplace.

…So if you are planning to quit or if already on ‘notice period’ this one is surely for you!

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