Article: How HPE is empowering its workforce in the hybrid world

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How HPE is empowering its workforce in the hybrid world

The tech giant is investing in collaboration, connection, and employee-driven initiatives to build a thriving hybrid community where everyone feels empowered, says MD Som Satsangi.
How HPE is empowering its workforce in the hybrid world

In a world undergoing rapid digital transformations, talent development and retention remain top priorities for organisations globally. Across organisations, CEOs agree – empowering their people is key to navigating disruption and igniting innovation. The vision is ingrained at Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) India, where Som Satsangi, SVP and Managing Director, envisions a future where talent flourishes within a vibrant organisational culture. 

Leading HPE's second-largest employee base (14,000 strong), Som recognises the power of empowered individuals driving innovation. His three-pronged approach focuses on:

  • Recognise and reward exceptional performance  
  • Provide opportunities for growth and  
  • Invest in diverse experiences and role enhancements  

However, thriving in the hybrid work environment requires more than individual development. HPE anchors its approach in the "Life Inside the Element" philosophy, a set of core values that guide employee behaviour in this new landscape, Som emphasised.

To cultivate a robust sense of community within its hybrid workforce, the company is strategically investing in three key areas:   

  1. Collaboration tools  
  2. Meaningful in-office experiences  
  3. Culture catalyst groups  

“These initiatives aim to reinforce cultural beliefs, enabling employees to identify with the company even in a dispersed setting,” added Som.

Satsangi prioritises diverse voices as key to innovation at HPE and that the company actively works to weave DEI into the fabric of its business strategy. The worldwide female executive representation increased by a modest 1.9 percentage points in fiscal 2023. “We strive to create a truly inclusive environment where everyone feels empowered to bring their authentic selves to work,” Som added.

Satsangi believes this holistic approach is not just about doing the right thing, it's about future-proofing HPE —vital for attracting top talent, adapting to demographic shifts, and driving global innovation.

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