Article: How to become a Talent Magnet for Gen Z

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How to become a Talent Magnet for Gen Z

From review sites to digital first communication, here are a few things companies need to prepare for.
How to become a Talent Magnet for Gen Z

Do you worry about not having enough quality applications? Are you thinking about a branding campaign to attract talent? First, check your Glassdoor rating. Check your company’s feedback on sites like Quora.

First, it was movies; then it was restaurants. Now, it’s employers. “Review culture” is dominant among Gen Z. Their decision to purchase most products and services is based on online reviews and ratings. Similarly, Glassdoor ratings, answers on Quora and other online sources become major influencing factors for Gen Z job seekers. An employer’s ‘brand perception’ on these platforms is important and clearly disadvantaged if carrying low ratings and negative reviews on them.

If attracting good coders and top-notch salespeople is a priority, then a company must check its Glassdoor rating. Are people happy while working in the organisation? How are applicants treated when they apply? Do they know precisely how many rounds of interviews? Would you make a prospective customer wait? 

Gen Z actively monitors employee reviews on job search websites and pays close attention to ratings. Therefore, employers with low ratings and negative reviews are clearly disadvantaged.

Keeping the type of role, company, location and compensation constant, there is a jump as high as XX* in applications, from a 3.5 to a 4.5 Glassdoor rating. Things like Glassdoor ratings have a significant impact on candidates’ preference while applying for a job. 

How to become a Talent Magnet-

 Digital-first communication: Studies show that over half (55%) of Gen Z use their smartphones for over five or more hours a day and over a quarter (26%) use their phones 10 or more hours a day. Another study shows that 46% of Gen Z currently follows more than 10 influencers on social media. 

Gen Z employees expect corporate communication to be digital-first, they would prefer email, messenger chats, app-based communications to get work done seamlessly. At the same time, they also expect high-tech to be balanced with hi-touch face to face communications.

 Open and honest communication: Apart from the above, Gen Z employees expect open and constant communication. They want regular feedback from their managers and prefer transparent and direct interaction with colleagues and leaders. 

 Brand savvy, but online: 68% of Gen Z read three or more reviews before buying something for the first time with their own money. Decision making, whether it is purchasing a gadget or choosing the next employer, is heavily influenced by information available around them, often online information. Employers must tweak their employer branding initiatives to make their EVP visible on the right digital and social channels.  

The future talent strategy derives from these new workplace values and expectations. HR must curate personalized employee experiences which help diverse people gel well and work together, in the quest of the organizational goal. HR must cater to each of their unique needs, while maintaining an umbrella organizational culture. This is the key to unlock real value from a diverse employee population, so as to create a future-ready workplace. 

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