Article: Editorial: When Reach is the Mantra

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Editorial: When Reach is the Mantra

Editorial for April 2011 issue
Editorial: When Reach is the Mantra





Talent challenges in export-oriented industries and B2B companies are very different from those in domestic retail-focused industries. While managing global diversity, ‘holding on’ to a highly mobile workforce and currency fluctuations are typical worry areas for export-oriented industries, retail companies are more focused on availability of apt talent and the required numbers for scale and reach.
In this April cover story, People Matters focuses on providing a snapshot of current sales structures, talent challenges and opportunities in building successful sales teams in sectors like FMCG, Consumer Durables, Telecom, Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) and Pharmaceutical industries. These industries today require superior talent in their sales teams to be able to sell aggressively and justify the promise of consumer growth.
Driven by a lack of available talent, not only in sales but across the board, companies are investing on building an “internal dynasty” - a sustainable bench of extraordinary people who are capable of leading companies over the competition. This issue brings a Leadership Special that includes some of the top service providers in the area of leadership identification and development. This special is particularly useful for companies that have a long-term talent strategy, well ahead of where the business operates in the near term.
While we continue to celebrate India’s victory in the recent Cricket World Cup, Himanshu R. Saxena reflects on the key learning that corporate India can draw from the triumphant Indian cricket team. Indeed a historic day for all of us, and an example of courage, faith and professionalism for all aspiring teams.
Continuing with the series of “In Search of Change Maestros” from Dr. Singh and Dr. Bhandarker’s book, this issue includes an exclusive insight into KV Kamath’s story of how he transformed a development bank into a global financial powerhouse and the top 10 patterns that define ICICI Bank today. We bring to you an account of Saugata Mitra and Bhaskar Chatterjee’s latest book, “Leadership India: Leading Change, Changing Lives”, where they share the work of great leaders whose vision and conviction has built great institutions that serve the common good.
From our regular sections, Elango brings a refreshing view on the talent hiring scene and shares many a surreal situations we face while recruiting candidates. Vivek Paranjpe shares his wisdom and advice with our readers and focuses on the issue of ethical dilemmas within organizations. We also introduce a new section, The Blogosphere, featuring the relevant best from the Indian blog scene.

Happy reading and many congratulations to Dhoni’s men for making us proud!

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