Article: A Christmas wish list for Technology in HR


A Christmas wish list for Technology in HR

People Matters curated a list of what HR Leaders had as Christmas wishes for technology in HR
A Christmas wish list for Technology in HR

The advent of social media in HR had a great impact and changed processes that had earlier been instinctive decisions. Social platforms now have active participation from heads of companies all the way down to the new Gen Y joining the force. Pushing this thought ahead, we at People Matters thought of starting a discussion on twitter with some of the HR leaders in the industry. The topic of discussion focused on what was on top of their Christmas lists in HR technology this year.

Ester Martinez ‏@Ester_Matters: What is high on your Christmas wish list this year for Technology in HR? @agastyasays @AbhijitBhaduri @IndianYash @PrabirJha #TechHR14

In course of the discussion, we got an interesting response by Yashwant Mahadik, Global Head of HR for Business Transformation, IT & Chief Learning Officer at Philips. What he wanted for Christmas was a social platform that had the features of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Wordpress combined.

Yash Mahadik‏ @IndianYash: Internal social networking platform which has Twitter+Fb+Ig+Wp features combined in 1 @Ester_Matters @agastyasays @AbhijitBhaduri @PrabirJha

Uday Sodhi ‏@Uday: Yammer is probably closest @IndianYash @PeopleMatters2 @Ester_Matters @agastyasays @AbhijitBhaduri

While Uday Sodhi, CEO at responded saying Yammer was closest to the kind of platform Yash was hoping for, Yash responded by saying that he was looking for something more revolutionary.

Looking at the internet universe, social media has slowly permeated across the HR hiring process. Earlier, social media profiles were very personal and had little bearing on the professional front. However, with various professional networking sites coming into being, the purview changed and all things social became a tool for the HR community.

With changing technology, aspirations and demands of users are growing and the market is working hard to cater to those needs across different domains. Looking at the changing internet landscape, a platform that Yashwant wished for might not be a too far from realization. Today, a social profile is like a digital resume and also the first point of contact for an HR professional. Do you think a platform like this will work to help an HR professional? Would love to hear from you! Please do share your point of view in the comments section.

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