Article: A conversation with Pratham Mittal on future-proofing careers


A conversation with Pratham Mittal on future-proofing careers

The visionary, Pratham Mittal delves into the skills and jobs that will sustain the test of AI and why as he highlights the possibilities that lie ahead for leaders.
A conversation with Pratham Mittal on future-proofing careers

In a recent chat with Pratham Mittal, the Founder of Masters' Union, the conversation naturally gravitated towards the ever-evolving landscape of technology, education, and jobs. Pratham's enthusiasm and unique insights painted a vivid picture of the future, one where artificial intelligence and innovation take centre stage.

"The big shift with AI has been how accessible it has become in the last few months when Open AI was able to bring it in a chat format. That way to interact was prominent already through social media, and with the same interface, we have access to a really powerful tool," Pratham started.

His excitement about the potential of AI was contagious. He spoke passionately about the idea of creating a virtual team of AI bots that could support leaders like himself in various important tasks. "I can automate a lot of the simple tasks that used to take time or I had to delegate and wait," he said, leaning into the possibilities. For example, Pratham shared an incident where he needed a real-time report on departmental expenses. "I should be able to chat and get the answer," he added, highlighting the time-saving capabilities of AI.

Pratham's innovation didn't stop there. He elaborated on another example where he asked a tool to create personalised emails for senior leaders, send them, and set up reminders based on their interactions with the emails. "I don't need to do this work, nor do I need to delegate it - it is happening and supporting me in focusing on more important things," he emphasised.

As we delved deeper into the future of jobs, Pratham underscored the importance of focusing on original and creative work. "The nature of the work we do is going to change, and it is inevitable," he said. Pratham's vision extended to entire departments and functions, like recruitment and admissions, where automation can streamline administrative tasks. He used a compelling example of how a team of students at Masters' Union streamlined their application process for Google, resulting in a quick 13 interview opportunities that would have otherwise been a manual and time-intensive exercise.

In Pratham's view, there are only two kinds of jobs that will exist in the future: those requiring original creativity and those that demand strong relationships. "I think these are the two jobs that are going to sustain the test of AI," he stated firmly. "The rest, whether it's in finance, marketing, or product management, is at risk if it's not relationship-driven or creative."

Our conversation transitioned to Masters' Union's curriculum, which is evolving to focus on skills like Critical Creative Thinking, Interpersonal Communications, Personal Communications, and Self Management. According to Pratham, success will come from these core elements: creative problem-solving, effective communication, and self-management.

Pratham made a thought-provoking point about education. He stressed that the effectiveness of educators isn't just about the content they provide but about instilling motivation. Using the example of finance, he explained that it's the motivation to understand why we learn what we learn and how to apply that knowledge to solve problems. Pratham's approach is to make learning engaging by turning it into a real-world challenge, as he does at Masters' Union with case studies and interactive projects.

In the final moments of our chat, Pratham shared a personal hack that has kept him motivated and continually learning. "One way I keep myself motivated to keep learning is to always have a side project going on in my life," he revealed. Drawing inspiration from his mother, who juggled a full-time job with her passion for baking, he stressed the value of having a parallel endeavour that not only keeps you young and updated but also allows you to apply your learnings to your regular job.

Pratham Mittal's insights into the intersection of education, innovation, and entrepreneurship are not only enlightening but also inspiring. He stands as a visionary leader who is not just adapting to the changing landscape but actively shaping it. With his pioneering spirit, Pratham is inviting us to a future where the synergy between technology and human creativity will redefine the way we work, learn, and grow.

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