Article: Create a meaningful & productive work environment

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Create a meaningful & productive work environment

When we look at learning and development there are three broad trends.
Create a meaningful & productive work environment

Businesses today are impatient with the prevailing metrics on the number of hours spent on programs. The emphasis of modern learning is on video, mobile and the cloud. There are also open source platforms that learning departments are using instead of starting from scratch. The trend of using analytics has shifted to reporting on training and proficiency. 

The biggest challenge in the talent space has to do with the shelf life of talent. Not every employee is keen on working for an organization for a long time; the challenge then is to make the time spent productive and meaningful. Another challenge from the vendor’s side has been that most of the off the shelf products and solutions are not customized to the client’s needs. Today, there is a whole spectrum of products and solutions are available due to advances in technology. Innovation is being driven by new and young startups that are willing to listen to your problems and are hungry for growth. There also exists an area of opportunity in bridging the talent gap between the buyer and vendor community. Senior HR leaders are more likely to take up jobs in well known companies rather than join service providers, it is important therefore for the vendor community to make themselves an attractive place for talent. 

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