Article: Meet the three young women of the new Tech Era


Meet the three young women of the new Tech Era

Know about these achievers who are trying to break new grounds and at the same time inspiring more women to join the tech space.
Meet the three young women of the new Tech Era

With the new shift of mindset of 'whether I can'‘ to 'how I can’, these three awesomely inspiring ladies are all set for their journey in the tech world predominated by men at large since ages. Although the under-representation of women in the field of technology has always been challenged, however, such an exciting shift is seen to be quite welcoming by many leaders in the industry and is seen as a good stepping stone to begin with when it comes to gender parity. 

So what are today's new generation tech leaders doing?

Let us quickly and briefly know more about these 3 awesomely inspiring women techies who are trying to break new grounds in Tech Industry at such a young age!

  1. Parisa Tabriz’

    When we talk about new generation women leaders’ contributions in technology, how can we forget to mention ‘ParisaTabriz’.

    Parisa Tabriz, 35 years old, known as the ‘security princess’ in Google is an apt example to quote in this context who along with her team members works round the clock to make ‘Chrome’ the most secured tool for browsing the Internet. Currently the Director of Engineering in Google, she is an Iranian-Polish-American computer security expert.

    Wearing the hat of a whitehacker, she keeps Google safe and uncompromised. A graduate from University of Illinois, she was listed in Forbes Magazine's 30 people under 30 to watch in the world of tech.

  2. Erin Teague, 33, director of product management, Yahoo

    Currently, the director of product management in Yahoo, Erin in 2015, was recognized as one of the “100 Most Influential Women in Silicon Valley”. A veteran ofTwitter and the mobile social network Path, she had increased new users to a million per week on an average. She had worked as a product manager at Path and Twitter, where she focused on user growth, product strategy and analytics. Erin had begun her career at Morgan Stanley, where she designed algorithms embedded in electronic trading applications as a software engineer and product manager in the firm’s Algorithmic Trading Technology group.

    Erin was also recognized as “The Next Generation of Tech Stars” by Refinery29 and one of “10 Black Women Making Major Moves in Tech” by BET Networks. Erin says that "Women have a significant presence online," and "so having women build the products is really important." In her current role she is busy in user growth strategy of Yahoo's fantasy and sports products.

  3. Arielle Zuckerberg

    Ah! The surname rings bell…Yes, she is Mark Zuckerberg’s little sister.

    Known as the “startup girl", she has worked for many new ventures in such a short span of time. Wildfire, the company she worked for was acquired by Google. She then bailed to join another startup named Humin, which was a phone app that organizes contacts according to how the user knows them. "Humin is solving a problem everyone is dealing with," says Zuckerberg who was managing the company's execution of product vision. Then in 2014, she started angel investing and found her passion in the process. She was then a partner at Kleiner Perkins Claufield& Byers (KPCB), one of the largest venture capital firms in Silicon Valley. And as per the latest reports, Arielle Zuckerberg is set to join ‘Coatue Management’ to focus on early-stage investing at such an early age. 

    Such great anchors from the younger lot make us reflect back on the immense potential that needs to be re-looked and propelled in the right direction. We all know that the lingua franca of future is tech fluency across all genders. Failure to fill the right talent at the top of the funnel may result in underutilization of women techies. However, when more women will be unleashed into this space, the tech ecosystem will be far more flourishing. So, bring the best possible strategies and policies to promote and harness women for pursuing technology careers and become an inspiration to the new world of programming and technology. Join hands together to develop a generation which embraces gender neutrally by bringing the best in every sphere.


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