Article: Nitman Software's Talentpool eases recruitment in India


Nitman Software's Talentpool eases recruitment in India

Nitman Software builds easy solutions to some of the most complex recruitment problems for Indian recruiters
Nitman Software's Talentpool eases recruitment in India

Nitman Software makes recruitment products that are easy to use, and built to streamline complex business processes for boosting productivity. The products are designed with simple, easy to use interfaces and thoughtfully crafted tools to reduce the burden of mundane tasks of end users. The company aims to make industry specific products to address the exact needs of Indian customers. Talentpool is a leading Indian recruitment management system offered to organisations of all size and strength and all verticals. The platform runs recruitments for small, growing and well known organisation, both within and outside India. Talentpool is an outcome of user’s requirement and suggestions and completely configurable. Consequently, it makes it easy to adopt without changing time tested recruitment processes. The platform offers one centralised system for all stake holders to do everything and anything that is related to recruitment. It offers instant visibility with any more manual reports. Top notch features, which are rare in most recruitment systems. The team takes pride that Nitman is known more for its products and enjoys a good reputation amidst its customer base.

Key differentiator: Talentpool is the only leading recruitment software designed specifically for corporate hiring in India. It is designed to streamline the complete recruitment processes, meet hiring targets and get instant reports to track performance. It is a comprehensive recruitment solution which offers a unified and collaborative platform for all stake holders. Intuitive interface is easy to adopt by all user types. The platform is also ready to integrate with all other internal and external system and provide holistic information and visibility at any given time.

Source of Inspiration: Talentpool was a result of our research and finding that there is no Indian recruitment solution for companies in India. Every other organisation was struggling with manual process or invest into some home grown recruitment solutions. There was a clear gap for complete recruitment solutions.

Spotlight Awards to us means much more than another award for us. We see this as an exception platform, to reach out, inform and help HR community to streamline recruitment at their respective organisations. A nomination for the company would translate into product recognition by business leaders and HR experts.

Biggest Challenges & Key Learnings: There have been tremendous opportunities and challenges as a startup. Firstly, when the platform was launched in 2007, only 2% organisations in India were using recruitment automation in form of ERP or internally development tools and market entry was difficult. Secondly, like every other start up, it had to work with limited funds to reach out, marketing and branding

Future of technology in HR: Recruitment is not just about hiring people. Technology plays a very important role in this and will be the very essence in bringing talented people on board. Quicker and intelligent retrieval of candidate profile will be key on how soon you can close the loop between opening a requisition and closing it without compromising on quality of people. Reaching to potential candidates using various mediums like social networks, online portals and mobile platforms will help organizations to cast the hiring net at a much wider scale. Technology will help in reducing the cost by having the same number of recruiters deliver a higher throughput. All along it helps to bridge communication gaps between various stakeholders in the recruitment process and streamlines it.

Message for the HR community: Recruitment demands a level of fluency about candidate sourcing, screening and selection far greater than what has been in past years. People are and will always be the pulse of any organisation. Attracting, engaging and acquiring best talent is the key to company’s progress. Talentpool – Recruitment Software, not just streamline recruitment process, but also align recruitment strategy to business goals. The workforce is changing, and the recruitment solutions that support end-to-end recruitment need to go beyond the traditional recruitment methods.

Nitman’s Talentpool is a participant in the Spotlight Awards 2014, which will be held on 22nd August, 2014.

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