Article: Personality characteristics shape openness to AI at workplace: Study


Personality characteristics shape openness to AI at workplace: Study

Cisco whitepaper 'AI Meets Collaboration' talks about employee perceptions with regards to advanced technologies and virtual assistant. Read on to know more.
Personality characteristics shape openness to AI at workplace: Study

A Cisco whitepaper on artificial intelligence called ‘AI Meets Collaboration’ has analyzed the openness of humans towards advanced technologies. It has based its keys findings on four different areas: technology optimism, bots at work, openness to AI and security.

The findings majorly cover the following countries: China, Brazil, India, Mexico, US, UK, Australia, Germany, Canada, and France. Here are the findings that the whitepaper puts across:

Technology optimism

Most respondents across the globe are optimistic about the use of advanced technologies. The common perception is that the technologies would lead to more jobs and it would free up more time, so as to enable people to engage in productive activities.

With regards to using virtual assistants:

  • Respondents who have used virtual assistants: 85%
  • Used virtual assistants for work-related tasks: 75%
  • Workers under 30 who have tried conversational AI: 90%
  • Respondents who can’t live without VAs: 70%

Respondents who feel AI will create more jobs than it eliminates:

  • China: 81%
  • Brazil: 69%
  • India: 64%
  • Mexico: 60%
  • France: 59%
  • US: 59%
  • Germany: 56%
  • UK: 50%
  • Canada: 48%
  • Australia: 45% 

Bots at work

Openness to working with bots at the workplace:

  • People who think it is creepy: Less than 10%
  • Disturbing: Less than 5%
  • Productive/Smart/Awesome: 86%

Openness to AI

Interestingly personality characteristics determine the openness of the humans to the bots. For respondents who believed that technology would create more jobs than it would eliminate, here is the breakup:

  • Extrovert: 68%
  • Introvert: 46%
  • Trusting: 70%
  • Cautious: 52%
  • Tries New Things: 68%
  • Prefers Routine: 37%

Country wise breakup:

  • Mexico: 97%
  • China: 96%
  • India: 93%
  • France: 90%
  • Germany: 89%
  • Brazil: 88%
  • United Kingdom: 83%
  • Australia: 83%
  • Canada: 83% 
  • US: 81%


Despite the openness towards technology, both security and privacy remain key concerns for most people.

  • Security: 65%
  • Privacy: 64%

Interestingly, people who do not identify with using VAs, 42% of those identify security and privacy as the two top concerns.


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