Article: Shifting the gears — from content to context


Shifting the gears — from content to context

Technology will always be relevant - but we can make life significant only if we enrich personalized experience beyond the psychological and emotional frameworks
Shifting the gears — from content to context
4IR can be described as a range of new technologies that are fusing the physical, digital and biological worlds, and impacting all disciplines, economies and industries. It is no longer about change, but about the speed of change, the challenges it poses to the IT world and the various approaches to cope, excel, innovate, and understand.  Technology is neither good nor bad, but how we use it, is what that makes the difference. Today, we are spending most of the time interpreting profiles on social media, automating sop’s by way of having bots answer, Machine Learning applied for hiring, succession planning etc. In reality, the society has become a lot more individualistic while ‘the connect’ with humans has reduced by far across all ages. There is a growing need to provide an experience and responsibility. As they say there is no time for spectator sport – participation is the key to make it meaningful. If we are aware of what is around us, then we are ...

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In the next three years, 120 million jobs in the world’s 10 largest economies will need retraining or re-skilling. To adapt to this new environment and help shape it, employees need to embrace continuous learning. Amid these changes, HR needs to not think, act, or be like traditional HR; they need to understand their job is now “human transformation”. In this issue, we will focus on what HR leaders and organizations need to consider today to prepare for tomorrow.

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