Article: Technology is the way for HR industry: Varun Talwar

Strategic HR

Technology is the way for HR industry: Varun Talwar

Varun Talwar, CEO, The HR Fund, talks about technology bringing the next wave of HR evolution
Technology is the way for HR industry: Varun Talwar

The professional services space in India is very young as compared to the US which is a mature market. In the US, there are 30-40 publicly traded companies in the HR space while in India, there is only one (Info Edge India) that has gone public. However, in India, the professional services space can leapfrog. Indian recruitment firms need not first become large companies and then be threatened by technology; rather even in the fragmented market structure that they operate in, some of them can actually start becoming technologically focused and start consolidating in the market using technology. Going forward, technology is the way for HR industry in India to bring scale.

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