Article: The big deal: Intelligent automation in recruitment


The big deal: Intelligent automation in recruitment

In a session at People Matters Talent Acquisition League, organizations shared examples of how they are incorporating technology to augment talent acquisition and are mitigating risks posed by the newer technologies.
The big deal: Intelligent automation in recruitment

Technology has been changing industries, thinking, processes that have been followed since ages and more importantly time-consuming activities that did not have a productive outcome. In an exciting and fruitful event on Intelligent automation in recruitment with amazing insights to discuss, Mino Thomas, Head-Talent Acquisition and staffing, HP Inc.(Chair) started the session with an activity that energized the entire room making the atmosphere electric. He said, "Draw a six with your hand and eight with your leg together and if you succeed you are AI." Mino explained AI in the most basic and fascinating manner the meaning of a term that has broad perspectives making room for discussions and thoughts on the topic by other speakers. 

Having vast experience and working with AI, machine learning and recruitment closely Shailesh Singh, Head Recruitment Business, PeopleStrong states, "Technology works on algorithms and you need to feed AI or any software with the details of your organizations to achieve the desired result. Technology and AI have uprooted many unproductive, and time-consuming jobs like resume screening and HR can now interact with people instead.

Shailesh believes that AI is one of the best technological developments though further aspects still need to be explored. He hopes that with new advancements in technology HR would be able to achieve greater success and a cohesive and communicative workplace.

Technology has improved decision making

Technology is improving efficiency and providing meaningful insight into candidate assessments and has improved decision making based on data. Removing many of the resource-consuming duties that have traditionally reduced an HR department's overall attentiveness, HR now has more time and freedom with the help of AI to concentrate on performance management human-based tasks leading to create a healthy organization.

Pratik Thakkar, National Talent Acquisition Lead, Vodafone states, "We constantly try to improve and come up with innovative ideas for the HR and interviewing process." With machine learning and AI coming in picture HR now play a critical role in designing strategies and actionable insight to increase operational efficiencies, based on data solely.

Feedback and sentiment analysis are two key contributors to employees experience in any organization. However, before technology and AI was introduced HR had to file the documents and categories them manually which consumed a lot of time. With the aid of machine learning, we can now categorize feedback data into predefined HR divisions and plan right strategies to improve our work culture and environment.

Ashish Mediratta, Head-Talent Acquisition, Tata Communication states, "There is a lot of hard work to attain the best talent, and we provide the required resources and learning to our employees. There is a lot of efforts invested in retaining talent, and with the help of technology HR can now understand the reasons and identify potential attritions. We can now invest time and effort in planning and redesigning organizations to optimize adaptability, learning, and retention. "

AI-based programs like chatbots, smart assistants, and various applications of predictive and sentiment analytics have given HR the right insight to their talent programs. These small yet required changes will open up viewpoints of new dimensions. However, the organization must voyage through the journey of challenges and unexpected disruptions that advancement in technology might throw at their way.

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