Article: Unconference at TechHR: A collaborative learning space


Unconference at TechHR: A collaborative learning space

Do you wish to meet the influential thought leaders and learn from them? Read here to know where you can find them.
Unconference at TechHR: A collaborative learning space

One of the best ways to learn and grow in your career can be interacting with your peers and seniors. The variety of discussions that take place in conferences and the conversations that occur outside the walls of the main sessions are always the ones working professionals look for in any event. Keeping this in mind, the unconference area at People Matters TechHR conference will be providing a space and opportunity for professionals to meet and learn from each other.

The three-day conference that begins from 1st August 2018 this year has a dedicated unconference space divided into two separate areas.

What does unconference space mean exactly?

It is a collaborative learning space hosted in one of the most buzzing spaces of the conference where professionals across sectors, regions and countries can meet and learn in intimate gatherings from top speakers, exciting startups and influential tech investors.

What does it include?

The real stories of techies right from themselves

Unconference space is where you will find one of the most unusual speakers of TechHR, the two feet tall, oversized toy look-alike humanoid Manav.

You will find him along with Robotics Scientist, Prof. Diwakar Vaish who will be talking about ‘how robotics can help us solve the talent challenges.’Prof. Diwakar believes that robots have been restricted to playing behind-the-scenes roles in the manufacturing industry. Hear him speak about the wonders robot can do and the role it can play in solving the challenges at work. (Click here to read more.)

Architecting the moon-shot

The second star of the unconference space is Micro-Rover designed by Team Indus. This is the rover that is also vouching for the $20 Mn Google Lunar XPrize. With this competition, the Bengaluru based Team Indus plans to make its Micro-Rover travel 500 meters on the moon and transmit pictures from there.

You can meet Micro-Rover along with Sheelika from Team Indus at the unconference space.  This is where you can hear her talk about architecting their journey of moon-shot, space exploration and learn how a small team is achieving audacious goals. (Click here to read more.)

Live Talk Show

While the other tracks at TechHR will concentrate on sessions and keynotes from global thought leaders in a more formal setup, Unconference Space is where you will find the same leaders talk about crucial topics candidly.

Talk show basically signifies the candid interactions between global HR Tech Analysts & CEOs of leading organizations where they will share their strong opinions and thoughts on some of the pressing work-related issues.

Here’s a glimpse of a talk show from TechHR’17:

TechHR Pop-up Session

Pop up session means small meet-up sessions within the conference where like-minded peers can interact and have discussions on various topics relevant to their world of work. The sessions will address some of the most significant trends and challenges in the world of work. Pop up sessions will be an opportunity for professionals to share their thoughts and seek ideas from their peers on their everyday challenges. It is a chance to network and learn together.

Startup Program elevator pitch

Today the HR Tech market is full of new startups and innovative ideas reshaping and disrupting business and so is People Matters TechHR 2018.

This year various HR Tech startups from India and Singapore are participating in the TechHR Startup Program to take their ideas to next level. And unconference space is where these startups would be pitching their innovative out of the box HR Tech product idea to the investors and decision makers in the space of HR.

Musical concert

Last but not the least, unconference space is also where some light-hearted entertainment is. As professionals across sectors, functions and regions meet and discuss their challenges and share their solutions, they can also relax and tap their feet to the rhythm of the music.

Professionals can relax and unwind at the unconference space where India’s leading musical band, Swarathma would be performing and energizing the TechHR evening with their music.

Click here to be a part of TechHR conference 2018 and witness the future of work at the unconference space. 

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