Article: What is Digital BLUR and how to clear it?


What is Digital BLUR and how to clear it?

Learn about the Digital blur caused due to technological advances and how you can solve them
What is Digital BLUR and how to clear it?

Digital blur is an exquisite framework created by KNOLSKAPE which helps an organization understand and cope up with the disruption caused by the digital revolution. BLUR is an acronym for Boundaryless organization, Limitless digitization Unbounded innovation and Relentless iteration.

It is essential to understand that it is a way of using technology to achieve exceptional customer experience, creating agile internal processes and demystifying new business value. Digital transformation is imperative and has emerged successively, creating pressure on profit growth and revenue generating across many industries. One needs to understand how the disruption is being caused to handle the tech transformation better.

The birth of Digital BLUR

There are four key factors which can be traced to the appearance of Digital BLUR:

Technological disruption: The development of new technologies has changed the primitive methods of business models, discarding the ideology of cubicles and workspace.

The networked customer: Customers are now at the center of the matrix and no longer have a one-way communication with any buyer. The consumer has total control of their purchase and producers need to keep an eye on the customer network to be in complete control of their consumer base.

Changes: The sudden change in the work environment has impacted business. There is pronounced change in political and economic realms which have caused digital disruption.

The digital disruptors: Organizations which are Data driven and has already adapted cutting-edge technology are challenging long-established organizations who have ruled the market for ages.

To deal with digital disruption, we must clear off the BLUR and if you observe closely, you will see that there are three key components which will help you build strategies against a BLUR i.e., Digital customer experience, Data-driven analysis, decision making and business value proposition.

Here are three strategies to clear the BLUR: 

• Anchor customer for unbounded innovations

Anchor customers – Leading marketing brands or companies supply substantial orders to new or start-up companies and act as crucial components in the success of small business. Companies that are already established can trigger that additional purchases or prove the credibility of products. Larger companies are leading manufacturers in their field of expertise and can provide new and small companies with strategic partnerships, substantial sales revenue and access to channel or equity investments. They help launch rapid growth for start-ups. Becoming an anchor customer along with a start-up company has a lot of benefits for larger companies. 

Benefits of becoming an anchor customer.

1. Easy and early access to new technology and products. Access to these technologies will help you to be prepared and in control of future progress rather than being taken by surprise.

2. Access to facilities, university research and specialized interns reduces workforce and helps create more productivity.

3. Faster and secure entry into new emerging markets. When a leading brand becomes an anchoring customer, they get fantastic accessibility to many other rapidly growing ventures and give you a head start for all the technologies available or the ones that will be launched soon to be exploited to their best advantage.

Being an anchor customer helps reduce the time to market and reduce the cost of Research and development to produce new products.


Many companies have now switched to the holacracy system also comically referred to as hola crazy method. The functioning of this system/organization is governed by members who form autonomous yet symbiotic teams to achieve tasks and accomplish goals. In holacracy, a person is not hired as per predefined job roles. Instead, s/he fills up many job profiles and has the flexibilities to manage teams and work.

Professionals in holacracy provide beneficial and insightful data for a company and do not function in a hierarchy system. Many experts believe that holacracy is corporate management doctrine and does not mean the end of the hierarchy system. Imagine you visit a bank and instead of going from department to department all your work is done by one person. Would you choose any other format?

•Focus on experience 

Today the products or services do not take total control of how a person would connect to you, but the overall experience makes the difference. The changes in technological advances have led to two-way communications rather than just brand to the consumer communications. 

It is vital to be in touch with the progress around us and be able to provide easy to access information which will help improve lifestyle and make life more convenient. With ample access to resources and Data, it is easy to read the market, demands and need of your target audience. It is understood that not all customers can be satisfied, as they are concerned about their requirements rather than limitations of providing service. However, most customer bases can be provided with adequate assistance with the use of proper workforce and technology.

Digital BLUR can be defined merely as the launch of new technologies which throw us off balance. Digitization is bound to happen and we will soon have more technology than human beings. What is important is to understand technology, the benefits and how easy life would be with the availability of these technological advances. We must adapt to new changes and work towards progress with being able to use those changes and provide the best of customer care and satisfaction by using Data analysis.

Based on a session by Gurpreet Chaddha from Knolskape at the event ‘How HR can champion digital transformation by Clearing the Digital BLUR.



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