Article: Mapping the reward landscape in 2017


Mapping the reward landscape in 2017

Perspectives from prestigious consulting firms on the Total Rewards landscape for 2017
Mapping the reward landscape in 2017
A change in the calendar year is usually marked with businesses looking at restructuring processes and realigning operations to the business objectives. This is also the time when rewards professionals are busy with the responsibility of designing and executing new rewards programs that are contextual to the new demands of the employees and the trends of the year. Where many external and internal changes like Brexit and demonetization have created strong economic implications, these are also crucial factors for companies to look into while providing the best reward options to their employees. In order to capture some of the implications of such forces in combination with the industry trends like changing employee preferences and the increasing impact of technology, this section of the February cover story on Total Rewards captures what consulting companies like Aon, EY, Mercer and WTW think on how the rewards landscape would evolve in 2017. Not only do the columns provide different ...

Topics: Total Rewards Trends 2017, Benefits & Rewards, Compensation & Benefits

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