Article: Can L&D drive Organizational Transformation?


Can L&D drive Organizational Transformation?

Transformation is an imperative for survival and L&D should be at the forefront of improving individual productivity and organizational capability that will create organizational transformation
Can L&D drive Organizational Transformation?
Innovation, volatility and new customer expectations, are some of the many triggers that are a stimulus for Organizational Transformation. Organizations today, have to get past historical paradigms of doing business, as new entrants emerge that seem to play by a different set of rules. These new entrants like Uber, Netflix etc. are challenging core business assumptions and introducing new business models. This is forcing transformation with a capital “T” in existing organizations which involves changing their very essence. Just like turning liquid to gas, or lead to gold, Apple is moving from computers to consumer gadgets, Google from advertising to driverless cars, Amazon from retail to cloud computing. This list is ever increasing and is almost necessary for survival. Organizational Transformation is an imperative, not an option for survival. Over 50 percent of the Fortune 500 companies have disappeared over the last 15 years1. Another study says that one in three compa...

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In the next three years, 120 million jobs in the world’s 10 largest economies will need retraining or re-skilling. To adapt to this new environment and help shape it, employees need to embrace continuous learning. Amid these changes, HR needs to not think, act, or be like traditional HR; they need to understand their job is now “human transformation”. In this issue, we will focus on what HR leaders and organizations need to consider today to prepare for tomorrow.

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