Article: HR leaders on strengthening L&D in 2024

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HR leaders on strengthening L&D in 2024

In the realm of Learning and Development, the correlation with organisational success is undeniable. As companies adapt to the ever-evolving business terrain, HR leaders are steering the ship toward constant growth and excellence.
HR leaders on strengthening L&D in 2024

It’s a matter of yesteryear when people used to work in the same role for ages. The evolving work landscape has created the need for constant learning.

Companies are also strategising and aligning their learning and development with their business needs. Investing in learning and development to shape a bright future, HR leaders are embracing the journey of continuous growth and excellence.

According to "The 2023 State of Learning and Development" by Virti, L & D positively influences the revenue of an organisation.

Learning and development play a vital role in attracting and retaining talent, and motivating and engaging them. It is equally important for employer branding, and developing people's capabilities and value-based culture.

Hyper-personalised learning paths, embracing generative AI, and AI-assisted coding are some of the trends anticipated to define Learning and Development in 2024.

We connected with three HR leaders to gain insights into how they are looking at the learning and development for their teams. For details, watch the video.

Bite-size learning

Amit Chincholikar, global CHRO Yokohama off Highway Tires calls for textual learning which means it must be helpful for people personally and professionally. He also emphasises having bite-size learning because of the declining attention span.

Similarly, Raj Tanwar, HR head of Advantage Club also favours the culture of bite-size learning. According to him, bite-size and curated learning modules help people grasp new learning better. Also, he calls for a culture of reward to fortify the learning and development opportunities.

Tanwar also highlights that learning has to be driven by a purpose to make it more targeted. “It helps in achieving a high level of engagement.”

Must not be a one-time effort

Highlighting the importance of learning and development, Jayati Pardhy- HR head Keka, says that learning and development must not be a one-time effort. “It should be a continuous process to reap the benefits at both company and individual levels.”

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