Article: L&D should become a boardroom agenda: Rapid Fire with Udacity’s Ishan Gupta

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L&D should become a boardroom agenda: Rapid Fire with Udacity’s Ishan Gupta

In an exclusive conversation with People Matters, Udacity’s India Managing Director shares his thoughts on how to deal with continuous learning needs and his own learning mantra.
L&D should become a boardroom agenda: Rapid Fire with Udacity’s Ishan Gupta

  • One big skill-related challenge - Less importance being given to the culture of lifelong learning. I think we should not condition our youth for short-term learning goals rather they should be made to understand that they should become continuous learners.
  • One technology/innovation that will change the future of learning - The development of community learning and how technology is being leveraged to build and engage them will change the future of learning. 
  • One step employers should take on Re-skilling/Upskilling - Provide access to on-demand education services
  • One tip to create a great learning culture - Once we understand that learning isn’t a one-time process for short-term goals like job promotion and career transformation but a continuous requirement for sustenance and growth, I think it would be easier to create a great learning culture.
  • One piece of advice for leaders to drive the learning agenda in their organization - L&D should become a boardroom agenda.
  • One expert, you follow on Skilling & Learning - Sebastian Thrun for revolutionizing the way people learn and creating something which is today being accepted as the 4th degree.
  • Your Learning Mantra - Learn and Unlearn, as fast as you can
  • Tell us about a time you failed and how you handled it - Despite the fact that my previous startup, EduKart, went on to become India’s largest online education marketplace, we could not get the next round of funding and hence could not scale the company any further. But, I knew that I had a strong team and hence got it acqui-hired by Paytm.
  • How do you make decisions when you don’t have all the necessary information? - I believe that gut is the sum total of all your experience till date. So when I don’t have enough data, I go with a combination of the incomplete data and my gut. What is important is to come back quickly and check your decisions when you finally have the data.
  • Who is your aspirational leader - Vijay Shekhar Sharma
  • Any specific skill you want to learn in the coming days - Mindfulness
  • Best career advice you have ever gotten - “Good is the enemy of great” at Facebook
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