Article: Learn for a Cause 2.0 – How to become an agile and adaptable organisation

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Learn for a Cause 2.0 – How to become an agile and adaptable organisation

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The second season of “Learn for a Cause” saw several companies participate in a meaningful partnership to drive purpose-driven learning.
Learn for a Cause 2.0 – How to become an agile and adaptable organisation

As the business world enters an ambiguous economic climate, there’s pressure on organizations to be competitive, agile, and adaptable. Increasingly companies are interested in investing in and evaluating their learning design and execution. Personalisation and curation of learning resources have become crucial to effectively meet learners' needs.

The second edition of "Learn for a Cause" aimed to engage employees in supporting purposeful social responsibility while driving learning and engagement.

“There is a growing need to create skill transformation roadmaps that inspire and encourage behaviour change. It is vital to ensure that the transformation occurs in a purpose-led manner, with learning as the driving force,” said Ester Martinez, CEO and Editor in Chief, People Matters.

Learn for a Cause connected learning courses to grassroots-level change. As employees completed courses, they were also contributing to a social cause. This boost helped companies drive an engaging and purpose-driven learning agenda.

Impactful learning

“In less than two months, 11,636 learners completed almost 28,000 courses, resulting in 18,000 hours of learning. These impressive numbers demonstrate the impact of this initiative on these organizations,” said Ankur Gupta, Sr. Director, Field Marketing & COE, Skillsoft.

The top courses ranged from leadership and communication to even Excel. Additionally, there were numerous technology courses offered, making the course selection quite diverse.

Learning creates a multiplier effect that enables individuals to achieve additional goals and feel fulfilled. “The synchronisation of learning and purpose is a phenomenal idea that offers a win-win-win situation for everyone involved,” Anjali Byce, CHRO, Sterlite Technologies.

The learning initiatives had a tremendous impact. The completion of learning courses helped sponsor 27,913 meals for underprivileged children and 100 children were sponsored with education opportunities. Akshaya Patra, the world’s largest NGO directed the school meal program and KHUSHII, an NGO working towards creating quality and equitable opportunities for children and communities were the partners for this initiative.

“It's a winner on all fronts. It's a win for the people, and it's a win for the underprivileged kids that we'll be supporting. What better way to do CSR than spending time upgrading yourself and enhancing your skills, while also making a positive impact? We were sold on it,” said Loly Vadassery, CHRO, Datamatics.

Speaking about the initiative, Pushkaraj Bidwai, CBO, People Matters noted that, “the partnership between People Matters and Skillsoft has resulted in a compelling and engaging program that promotes CSR. This initiative gave birth to the vision of “Learn for a cause”, and we are grateful to have run it successfully for two years,” said Pushkaraj Bidwai

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