Article: Q&A with Rosie Evans-Krimme: Advancing Coaching with Technology and AI

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Q&A with Rosie Evans-Krimme: Advancing Coaching with Technology and AI

In an exclusive chat, Rosie Evans-Krimme, CoachHub shares the immense potential of technology and AI in revolutionising coaching as it introduces the very first conversational AI coach, AIMY™.
Q&A with Rosie Evans-Krimme: Advancing Coaching with Technology and AI

In our exclusive interview with Rosie Evans-Krimme, Director Innovation Lab & Behavioral Science at CoachHub, we delve into the transformative potential of technology and AI in the field of coaching. Rosie, a mental health psychologist, is an expert in the coaching industry, and she shares her insights on how AI is revolutionising coaching, enhancing mental well-being, and facilitating personalised, impactful coaching experiences for businesses.

Can you tell us about the value that Generative AI brings to organisations, particularly in decision-making and mental health support?

Generative AI, or Gen AI, is a game-changer in decision-making for organisations. It can process vast amounts of structured and unstructured data, making data analysis more effective and efficient. This capability aids leaders in making informed decisions. Additionally, AI can help identify mental health risks in the workforce, a critical need post-COVID, given the rise in mental health challenges. By using Gen AI, we can pinpoint these challenges, providing not only support but also automating repetitive tasks, reducing stress and burnout and increasing productivity.

How do you see technology and AI impacting coaching, and what opportunities do they offer to L&D leaders?

The impact of technology and AI on coaching is tremendous. It opens doors for highly personalised and scalable coaching solutions. As my colleague, Jonathan Passmore and I explored in our paper on the Future of Coaching, technology is transforming coaching from a "cottage industry" to a fully mechanised process, enhancing accessibility and reducing costs. This technology-driven scaling leads to a deeper understanding of coaching interventions and, in turn, a virtuous circle of development.

Could you elaborate on how technology is used in CoachHub to improve the matching of coachees and coaches?

Coachee-coach matching is a critical aspect of successful coaching. At CoachHub, we leverage technology to achieve an accurate match based on various factors, including the coachee's requirements, industry, and emotional compatibility. Thanks to our advanced algorithms, fewer than 1% of our coachees change coaches after the initial match, underscoring the accuracy we have achieved with this process. Matching is the most critical step of a successful coaching intervention. 

How does CoachHub ensure the human touch in coaching, even with the integration of technology and AI?

Coaching is inherently human and requires empathy and responsibility. At CoachHub, we maintain high standards for our coaches, and we continuously engage with them to enhance the coaching experience through AI. While we leverage technology for many parts of the process, the coach is a human coach (funny thing that in today’s times, we need to clarify this!) We have over 3,500 coaches from around the world, we believe in the synergy of human expertise and technological support.

Can you describe the role of technology in suggesting learning, supporting coaches, and streamlining administrative tasks in the coaching process?

Technology plays a multifaceted role in the coaching process. It suggests learning through our academies, supports coaches by facilitating the application of learning, and automates administrative tasks, making the process more efficient. Centralised platforms allow for seamless scheduling, messaging, and video calls, reducing administrative burdens.

Tell us more about AIMY™, CoachHub's conversational AI coach. What is its purpose, and how is it contributing to the coaching process?

AIMY™ is a groundbreaking conversational AI coach designed to explore AI's potential in coaching. It engages in dynamic, personalised coaching conversations and serves as a research project. We are eager to discover how AI can augment the coaching journey, such as goal formulation and re-engagement support, and provide valuable insights to both coachees and coaches. AIMY™ is rolled out in beta as a non-commercial pilot project and is available for free here.  

What does the future hold for CoachHub and the coaching industry in terms of technology and innovation?

We are focused on enhancing coaching impact by aligning coaching programs with broader organisational goals. We aim to move coaching away from being ad hoc and make it proactive, strategic, and aligned with business objectives. This transition requires demonstrating impact and collecting reliable data, which will shape the future of coaching.

In summary, Rosie Evans-Krimme highlights the immense potential of technology and AI in revolutionising coaching, making it more personalised, efficient, and impactful. CoachHub is at the forefront of this transformation, and their commitment to ethics and excellence in coaching sets a remarkable example for the industry.

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