Article: Wave Group - Learning from existing wealth of knowledge

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Wave Group - Learning from existing wealth of knowledge

To harness and retain the depth of knowledge, skills and expertise, Wave Group established learning through EDMS
Wave Group - Learning from existing wealth of knowledge

Eliademy is a technology-enabled platform that ensures learning without the requirement of a trainer


Wave Group has a diverse portfolio in various businesses. When it ventured into Real Estate with the launch of mammoth projects - Wave City, Wave Estate and Wave City Center, there was an immediate need to hire resources that had experience in the field of real estate projects, sales along with other operational functions.  The resources that were taken on-board brought the best practices and expertise. It was imperative to harness employee knowledge and expertise.  However, it was becoming difficult to retain this knowledge for future use as it was getting lost with attrition.

A clearly defined process of storing and retrieving data was the need of the hour, so as to bring the consolidated and organized data in one place.

Secondly, it was imperative to create continuous learning as the organization already had a wealth of knowledge and human expertise.

There was a continuous challenge to streamline smooth and effective continuity of business.

Wave Electronic Documentation Management System (Wave - EDMS)

Wave Infratech first worked on establishing an Electronic Documentation Management System – a digital library on the company’s internal server, where the required data is digitized and uploaded. Besides its numerous advantages, one major benefit is - once a task is worked upon, other users can see the utility of the exercise. We classified the repository in two parts:

a) Corporate Repository: To include digitized documents, videos and other materials from the corporate functions like Marketing, Public Relations, Human Resources, Procurement, etc.

b) Project Repository: All the digitized documents, drawing, maps, customer records indexed and uploaded in the EDMS, under the respective projects.

EDMS driven learning & development

The company proposes to use this as an on-boarding induction tool for its new joinees: for example, if an employee joins in the Marketing - Events department, he is given access to all past events to give him a foot-hold on his first day at work. EDMS also serves as a great repository for existing employees for ready and quick reference.

Eliademy - On-Line E-learning Tool

Wave has provided a digital learning tool called Eliademy for the continuous training of Front Sales and Post Sales staff. Eliademy is a technology-enabled platform that ensures continuous learning and growth without the requirement of a trainer. Employees can undertake the training as per their convenience, attempt the evaluation and get real time results. It is also easy for the company to track employee performance with ready results available at the platform. This has 3 elements – Video Lessons (recorded sessions of live coaching on sales techniques); Readings (readings compliment and correspond to video lessons); and Tasks (Content from video lessons and readings are applied in homework tasks).

Performance Preview System for Training Needs

Like other organizations, Wave also has a 180 degree annual performance evaluation and the training needs are identified during performance counseling. With the aid of SAP and other software in place like Microsoft Dynamics, Adobe Marketing Analytics, Wave has been able to launch a unique Performance Preview System-for Training Needs system which is integrated in such a way that the employees get assessed on their goals directly from the system. On the basis of evaluation report, the skills and knowledge gaps are identified and relevant trainings are planned.

Performance enhancement through easy learning

The above mentioned digitally-driven initiatives that are closely linked to L&D and resulted in huge return on investment. Once the system was put in place, a clear transformation from human capital to knowledge capital has happened. Moreover, employee performance has also improved significantly along with overall knowledge enhancement after adoption of these initiatives.




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