Article: Need for a transparent and open culture: Alok Narain


Need for a transparent and open culture: Alok Narain

Alok Narain, Senior Vice President - HR, Quatrro Golbal Services
Need for a transparent and open culture: Alok Narain

The talent pool we manage, understandably has a whole host of expectations in terms of work content, career aspirations, rewards and recognition , work-life balance and managing styles. The workforce today is conscious that they must ‘like’ what they do and that it matches ‘their career aspirations’. There is a huge emphasis today on presenting the job content to the workforce in a way that they see value in what they are doing. Talent today responds more favorably to mentoring and coaching. Peer group bonding and learning is encouraged through ‘buddy’ programs. There is also an increasing need for employees to experience a more transparent and open culture where they are able to walk up to anyone to discuss and connect, as opposed to being subjected to a hierarchical channel or protocol. Employees seek flexibility and diversity of opportunities to improve their skills and we invest heavily in training and development of the workforce. We provide opportunities for lateral and vertical career moves to allow a wholesome job experience.

Rewards and Recognition mechanisms are being designed to cater to the expectations of next generation talent. They value instant recognition, appreciation and feedback. At Quatrro, we have understood the ‘power of appreciation’ and aim to find the right channels to appreciate employees’ efforts. One such example is the ‘Thank You Day’ which was a day dedicated for each one to thank anyone they wish to. The ethos of gratitude and positivity that such activities engender is very strong in the new gen talent pool.

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