Article: Farewell gift for Mukesh Bansal by Myntra colleagues


Farewell gift for Mukesh Bansal by Myntra colleagues

This specially made video is an unique gift which will probably be very dear to Mukesh’s heart.
Farewell gift for Mukesh Bansal by Myntra colleagues

Entrepreneurs – defy market rules, set impossible targets, and they achieve it while disrupting the set standards. Mukesh Bansal, the Myntra co-founder and ex-Flipkart top leader did all this in style! And his employees/members of his team are the witnesses to his extraordinary success. Last week, when he bid adieu to his 9-year old love, Myntra which has been taken over by Flipkart two years back, his team and colleagues thought of giving him a farewell worthy of a star – at least to all of them he is no less than Hrithik Roshan – the Bollywood actor had come to Myntra office and both Mukesh and Hrithik had set the stage on fire with the famous ‘Ek Pal Ka Jeena’ steps. It was difficult to choose who rocked better. His pleasing demeanour, humble attitude towards each and everyone in office made him the rockstar that he is. In this video, Mukesh’s colleagues tell him and the entire world how he is the single inspiring soul who made it all possible for them to become who they are! Watch this video and enjoy!

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