Blog: Talking Matters: Radio program with Pratik Kumar


Talking Matters: Radio program with Pratik Kumar

Our special guest on Talking Matters, Pratik Kumar, tells us about how success is the end-product of several admirable qualities.
Talking Matters: Radio program with Pratik Kumar

Talking Matters: Pratik Kumar journey as a CEO of Wipro Infrastructure Engineering


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In the 2nd episode of the 3rd season of Talking Matters, host Savita Vijayan talked to Pratik Kumar, CEO Wipro Infrastructure Engineering. The radio show threw light on Mr. Kumar’s journey in the business world. It was a privilege for People Matters to invite him to speak about his challenges and achievements, and also give advice to the keen listeners who wish to make a mark in the business world. Host Savita Vijayan invited questions from the audience 

One being asked about the early influences his life, Mr. Kumar shared about his childhood experiences which shaped him as an individual – the importance of relationships and connecting with people without any preconceived notions. He also told that living in a small town has many benefits and his experiences are what make him adaptable to people, and books have been a great influencer as well. Mr. Kumar was asked to share the factors which made him reach dizzying heights in the business world, he said “Success has its own measures and we all have had many achievements in our lives but I personally feel that its discipline and consistency that takes you a long way” He also says that there are many other things that contribute to success but one must be focused to reach his goals. Mr. Kumar emphasizes the significance of being willing to keep learning in all walks of life and that it is important to believe that one can learn something or the other from everyone around. He tells that he has a healthy regard for everyone’s opinions. 

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On being asked about the lessons he learned in his journey to the top, he told that there are several but in his experience as a leader he has learnt that leadership is not tested in good times but challenging times. He says, “Adversities profoundly test ones abilities and that a leader must be a shock absorber of an organization”. In adverse times, only the real leader comes shining out. He cites the example of the recent floods in Chennai where the heads of the manufacturing units kept the factories running in spite of the floods.

When asked about his greatest struggle as a leader, he said that “in the trenches of leadership, it is a lonely walk” and that at the end of the day we all are normal human beings and we end up showing it. Another thing Mr. Kumar highlighted was the challenge disruptive technology and how it is important for a leader in the technology business to keep pace with the latest developments in the industry. He says that earlier, it was a lone walk for him but now he has a co-operative team with who help him fulfill his vision. A listener was interested in knowing what Mr. Kumar would suggest industry professionals who wish to make a transition from HR to business to which he replied that it is more about being prepared than being willing. There will be humongous opportunities but a professional must realize that each business role has different needs. 

Ms. Savita Vijayan requests Pratik Kumar to tell a few things he would like to advice his listeners and he goes on to list the ones he feels is important for an individual to follow:

  1. Not to seek shortcuts as they do not help and individual in achieving sustainable achievements
  2. One must never commit what he or she cannot deliver as ones personal credibility is at stake
  3. And last but not the least; in ones journey to go higher up in the hierarchy, he must not take himself too seriously.
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