Blog: The power of humility


The power of humility

Over the years, I have observed how people and organizations with humility have succeeded immensely and those with an ego eventually suffer huge setbacks.
The power of humility

"Show me someone with no ego and I’ll show you a big loser.” – Donald Trump 


“More the knowledge lesser the ego, lesser the knowledge more the ego.” – Albert Einstein 

Which one of these ideas do you believe in? 

Be honest with yourself. Think and observe how you behave with people around you. How do you behave with people who might be not as wealthy as you? How do you behave with people who work for you? How do you behave with people when you are in complete control and have full authority and power? 

What answers did you get? Based on your answers and behavior, you will know what your true beliefs are and these will have a big impact on your life, relationships, career, happiness and the way people around you treat you. 

Over the years, I have observed how people and organizations with humility have succeeded immensely and those with an ego eventually suffer huge setbacks. 

I remember, when my first book, Invest The Happionaire Way, had been released I was looking for the most innovative ways to increase sales as I wanted it to be the #1 Bestseller. 

One of my ideas was to sell it in-flight as millions of people fly every day and would like something to read. I contacted the CEOs of a few major airlines and also met them. I was 23 at the time. 

The established players, who met me, were not open to the idea of selling books on the plane. They believed, as it had never been done before, people wouldn’t be interested. Even though this meant revenues for them, they said it can’t be done because “That is not how things are done here.” 

On the other hand, a new low cost carrier that had recently started loved the idea as it meant more revenues. We signed a deal and sold tons of books. 

It has been one of the highest selling books ever – at 36,000 feet! 

Today almost ten years later, when I look at these airlines I can see the power of humility. 

One of the airlines that was not humble and open to new ideas went bust; the other lost most of its market share and has been facing heavy losses over the years.

On the other hand, the airline that was open to new ideas today has steadily grown its market share and is extremely profitable. 

The difference between humility and ego is billions of dollars. A culture of humility needs to be incorporated in every organization as this is what differentiates those who succeed and those who don’t. The rewards are immense. I speak from experience. 

Are you and your organization investing in programs where the habit of humility is inculcated? 

I would love to hear your views with complete humility! 

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