Blog: LinkedIn has a new address in Mumbai


LinkedIn has a new address in Mumbai

“Shifting to a new place” might connote trouble to any regular family, but to the LinkedIn family, the case is entirely opposite.
LinkedIn has a new address in Mumbai

One thing can mean differently for different people. “Shifting to a new place” might connote trouble to any regular family, but to the LinkedIn family, the case is entirely opposite. The transition to a new office doesn’t get better than this!

LinkedIn’s new address is Maker Maxity, Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai. This new abode of the world’s largest professional network rightly looks and feels like a City of Dreams office – in terms of work culture as well as the ambience.

The office is a true reflection of the company’s open and collaborative culture, with no cabins for the leadership; a virtual Chowpatty with gola bottles and turn-stone seats for group discussions and casual conversations across teams; and ‘collaboration’ corners which also double up as break areas.

To break away from the long breaks and getting back to work, the office has a coffee maker in the café! The café is peppered with additional Mumbaiya flavour with graphics of the famous Mumbai Dabbawalas and ceiling light fixtures in the shape of dabbas. That's visual art!!!

If that’s not enough, the office has two gaming rooms (for the gaming ninjas), reading areas, and ergonomically designed workstations, with adjustable height for desks and chairs! 

In the LinkedIn Mumbai office, it is happy working, happy talking and happy eating.

The principle guiding the innovative workplace is the idea to keep its employees happy, and build a culture to maximise the overall productivity. “We think our culture has a competitive advantage. Talent is our number one priority but on top of hiring the best people, we believe it’s equally important to create the right environment for them to truly thrive” says Nishant Rao, Country Manager, LinkedIn India.  

LinkedIn’s idea of a “right environment” is sticking true to their entrepreneurial and innovative DNA – or in simpler words, making the office a fun place to work. You know the place is fun, when the board rooms are named after Bollywood characters. So, if you happen to attend a meeting in the LinkedIn Mumbai office, remember that you will be sitting in one of Jai Veeru, Shahenshah, Gabbar, Crime Master Gogo, Mogambo, Shakaal and Circuit!

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