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The One with your workplace BFF

With the F.R.I.E.N.D.S reunion just a couple hours away, we wonder how our work life could be if we found our workplace BFF in these interesting characters!
The One with your workplace BFF

As the world awaits the screening of the reunion of broadcast media and everyone’s favourite F.R.I.E.N.D.S, we wonder what it would be like to have these F.R.I.E.N.D.S as our workplace BFF. 

Who has us covered when we need help with crunching those numbers or coming up with witty creative proposals? Who can you count on to keep your stomach full, and who would definitely not share food? Who could help you through that wardrobe chaos and who would welcome you to the real world and be there for you as you discover what life has in store for you?

Let’s find out!

Chandler - Not great at advice, but can always interest you in a sarcastic comment! 

Work-life, just like everyday life, is a roller coaster. There are high points and low points. And if there’s someone who can help you go through this roller coaster ride with oodles of laughter, wit, humor, it could only be a colleague like Chandler Bing. Never mind, his job could be as boring as something in 'Statistical analysis and Data reconfiguration’, but with his notorious, dry, wicked humor, he will be a hell of a workplace BFF. His many idiosyncrasies like using sarcasm as a defense mechanism or not smiling when being clicked or being aware of his flaws or simply his cool indifference to the mind-numbing work he does without losing his sense of humor are actually the many cool things that would make him a great workplace BFF. Sure, he has an awkward way of dealing with his pain, but he is the mate who would stand by you in difficulty and make a crack about it to make you laugh in the worst of situations. So not bossy Monica, not fashionable Rachel, not nerdy Ross, neither whacky Phoebe nor jolly Joey, for me, my ideal workplace BFF has to be the one who’s not great at advice, but can always interest you in a sarcastic comment!

Joey - Doesn’t share food, but will let you know if you are making a moo point!

Time is of the essence, and if you don’t stop to think about whether you are making a point or just a moo point, you have lost half the battle. Joey Tribbiani is that one workplace BFF who doesn’t judge you, and will let you know if you are investing your time in the right place. He will lift your spirits when you are low, and knows the answer to most, if not all, problems of life - FOOD! He believes that strongly which is why he doesn’t go around sharing it, saving it for self-preservation, encouraging his friends to indulge in self-care. A caring friend who knows when to nudge you and help you vent out with a punch (even if he ducks as a reflex), and when to take a step back as he decodes what you truly mean, when you say - “I am Fine!” He might not be great at numbers, and could often misread telephone numbers as the total telephone bill, but he is the one you want to entrust with your secrets. His innocence is unparalleled. He will never know you know he knows. Last but definitely not the least, he will always check-in on you. The only question he wants an answer to is - How you doin?

Ross - He can say ‘We are on break’ to work to be with his friends

Ross depicts that one colleague who would know everything about science and dinosaurs! While committed and passionate about work and science, he preferred his friends over work. In fact, he gave up being on TV to take Rachel to the hospital, cancelling his appearance on the Discovery Channel in the process. Moreover, he doesn't tell Rachel of this, and she learns of it accidentally from another friend. This wasn’t the only time Ross picked his friends over work. When Joey gets a job as a tour guide at Ross' museum and sees that people from different departments don't sit next to each other, he feels hurt. No amount of convincing made him feel better until Ross chose to sit with Joey, and challenged the prevalent discrimination. Ross is that  loveable nerd, super committed to work and science, and always ready to genuinely help his friends out 

Monica - You don’t tell her what to do as ‘She Knows!”

Monica knows how to command a room. With beauty, brains, and a competitive edge, Monica would be the perfect no-nonsense colleague. Though it may become a little difficult to ‘chill’ with such co-workers who live by the rule book and are neat-freak. But there isn't a problem they can't solve. In fact, co-workers like Monica would be the only one among the pack to keep her friends in line while simultaneously working to pull their own life together. And with that kind of strength comes an immense amount of wisdom. The best part of having Monica as a co-worker is that she can turn any negative situation on its head. She will alway have a solution and can turn it into a more positive one.  For example, when Rachel was trying to cut her ties to her old, spoiled life. Monica encouraged her to destroy her credit cards and told Rachel about how life is unpredictable and there are always going to be ups and downs. 

Phoebe -  Not afraid to try and not afraid to say - “I wish I could, But I don’t want to” 

Don’t we all know a colleague who *ahem* doesn’t sing well but is perfectly alright taking the spotlight just to do that? Think of Phoebe and you’re bound to remember her rendition of the “Smelly Cat” song. Phoebe is also someone who lets her imagination run wild - whether it is her career options or her romance life. She’s truly an extroverted and fun loving person who mostly comprehends something entirely different and probably says the wrong thing at the wrong time. It’s unlikely we’d encounter this exaggerated version of Phoebe’s personality - who’s probably the quirkiest and unpredictable of the entire cast of friends. But her gregariousness, enthusiastic, warm, optimistic outlook of life is something we would all love to experience in the most mundane work scenarios. Its workplace friends like Phoebe who help make memories that we look back many years later and laugh our hearts out.

Rachel: Bad at making decisions It's Like All My Life Everyone's Told Me, 'you're A Shoe! You're A Shoe! Well, What If I Don't Want To Be A Shoe? What If I Wanna Be A Purse Or A Hat?

The fashionable, ditzy and a great friend, Rachel Green had so many transitions in her life in the series that surely can’t go unnoticed. She is emotional and at times act totally dumb but hey! Rachel knows things. She knows people. Rachel is the type of workplace BFF who is someone with an excellent taste for fashion and style. She is graceful in her approach and at times fierce in her thoughts as well. “No uterus, No opinion!” Remember? Rache has made some really bad decisions and thus can’t really figure out what would be best for her. To accept Ross or not. To go to Paris or not (Ofcourse, how could she leave Ross?) Rachel is also a very loyal friend. She has always offered empathy and encouragement. She is also the one who would not be afraid to try news things. 

So which character would you want as your workplace BFF? Tell us in the comments!

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