Blog: Book launch: Neeta Mohla's new book on emotional intelligence at work

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Book launch: Neeta Mohla's new book on emotional intelligence at work

Human Drama Inc a book by Neeta Mohla talks about how educational qualification is just not the only aspect required to succeed at work.
Book launch: Neeta Mohla's new book on emotional intelligence at work

Life at work can be compared to a theatre where human emotions of elation, grief, happiness, winning, losing, etc., are at play. In this setting, a few lose their nerves and careers while others thrive. Success at work is not just achieved with educational qualifications; emotional intelligence is also an equal factor. 

Neeta Mohla writes about this in her new book ‘Human Drama Inc’ which was launched in Mumbai on Friday. Written in an anecdotal style with real-life examples, Neeta  shares the script for succeeding at work. Published by Sage Publications, the book’s practical approach is based on the author’s rich experience of working with business leaders and senior executives, including the C-suite of leading organizations.

Unique features of the book:

  1. Explains EI at the workplace through real-life cases and examples, rather than focusing on the concept.
  2. Explores the application of EI specifically in the Indian context
  3. Engaging, conversational read with drama as the central theme
  4. Pull-out boxes, quotes and research

About the author

Neeta has over 25 years of professional and entrepreneurial experience. Originally starting her career in the hospitality industry, she worked over a decade for a premier not for profit organization in the areas of people behaviour, interpersonal dynamics, and counseling. During this period she completed several courses on Gestalt Therapy, TA and Counseling. In 1994 she went on to establish Business Strategy Group, focusing on HR consulting and executive search for senior level positions. In 2000, Neeta helped establish TMI in India.

A Post-Graduate in Human Resource Development from Delhi, University, Neeta is Head of the Leadership Practice in India. Her expertise includes leadership development at senior levels, coaching and mentoring, designing leadership development processes, and Emotional Intelligence. She is recognized as an expert on the subject of Emotional Intelligence and has been invited to speak on this topic at several forums. Her clients include global organizations in the FMCG, IT, financial services, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, professional services, and hospitality sectors.

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