Blog: Fixing Internal VUCA

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Fixing Internal VUCA

External VUCA cannot be solved without solving the internal VUCA. Do leaders who handle their emotions stand a better chance to solve the problems that lie outside?
Fixing Internal VUCA
I have a feeling that right after the Indian economy opened up in 1991, for the next 20 years or so, there was no speaker in any conference across India who began his speech without acknowledging the effects of the twin forces of ‘globalization & liberalization’. It was as the grand homage paid to the latest buzzword that had been washed up our shores – and we just could not cross the speech without paying obeisance to it. Our reputation of intelligence in people’s eyes appeared to depend on it.  I think we have discovered the rightful heir to this buzzword – VUCA. I have not heard any speaker in any conference in the last few years who has not pay homage to it in his speech. Almost all of them pronounce it with seriousness which is best described as a combination of reverence and delicateness. The fear is palpable as the words come out – as if the mere mention of it will consume the speaker, to the point that it appears concocted. I am to...
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