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Que faire – HR?

Is HR is going to make India a super power in the coming decade?
Que faire – HR?
At the recently concluded World HRD Congress in Mumbai, I was the proud recipient of the “HR Professional of the year” award. As I came down the podium, beaming with confidence, many famous HR leaders, Coaches, and CEOs congratulated me. Yes! I was virtually on cloud nine! This award took me one step closer to my career goal of becoming a Global HR leader. Lost in my thoughts, I suddenly espied an elderly gentleman, maybe in his late sixties, seated a couple of rows away. He actually took the effort to come forward and shake my hands. Then he said, almost disarmingly, “Congratulations! What have you received the award for?” I replied, by reflex “For my skills and contribution to the field of HR”. I jumped further stating how HR contributes to the sustainable organizational performance and overall societal welfare. I spoke with so much excitement that it must have amused him. He complimented me and slowly shuffled back to his seat. There was something ...
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