Blog: Foreseeing future for a Gen Z kid: Technology, an enabler


Foreseeing future for a Gen Z kid: Technology, an enabler

Tech HR is just not a buzz word anymore

I apply to a Job Opening via a Mobile App by the company and get a notification to attend an interview. I walk into the company reception and they hand me a tablet. I was surprised to see that all those who had come for the interview were getting a Tablet. I pinched myself, but soon realized that it was for the online test that was to take place. On the home screen was the company logo, and a Video and Slideshow portraying the company – its values, its offices, pictures from their annual party, birthday celebration photos and many such images highlighting the company’s culture, etc.

So coming back to the test, there was an app that was on the home screen and all we were required to do was to solve the test and submit our answers. Once the test was done, we were asked to sit in the auditorium. The auditorium had some interesting images of rewards and recognition events conducted by the company. Videos of employees and their families talking about their experience of the company. Family?? I asked myself, why  would family members talk about the company where their son, daughter, brother, wife/ husband work with. Well, the answer was simple; I guess they were trying to share their stories and experiences. Why not? It’s better to watch and hear rather than read online.

So moving on, it was time for the results. I was eagerly waiting for my results; so were others. To my surprise, I get a pop up notification on the tablet. And guess what, there were the results. Well, I did manage to clear the online test and was anxious to move on to the next round. But soon it was lunch break, so most of the candidates happened to assemble at the canteen. To my surprise, they had some LCD screens with their company Facebook Page, Twitter Timeline and LinkedIn pages open. I did notice that some of the candidates were exploring it and immediately followed and liked the pages via their Smartphones. Not bad. Well, this is no rocket science, but it was good to see the company’s transparent approach via its communication channels on the social web.

Soon I managed to clear the Technical and HR round. The HR did mention that they will revert with the results soon. So now my eyes were on the tablet. I guessed that the results would be announced the same way as they did for the online test. Well, my guess was right. The results did appear and I was selected. Soon I get an offer break up on the screen, followed by some online forms. I spend some time entering the details, and all I was required to do was to click on the Accept button. Done!

Well, by now you might have realized that this interview process I was a part of is only fiction. But can it be real! Are companies ready for this drastic change in hiring process? Tech HR is just not a buzz word anymore. We as HR folks need to embrace this change and work towards making it easier for candidates to apply and be part of the interview process.

So how was this hiring experience? Would you like to conduct or attend such a unique hiring experience?

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