Blog: Clap! And Park your office chairs


Clap! And Park your office chairs

Nissan has developed self-parking chairs to keep offices tidy
Clap! And Park your office chairs

Intelligent parking – not for your car but for your office chairs! It is ideal for those who always forget to push their chair back under the desk once the meeting is over or even after the leave for home at the end of the day. Developed by the carmaker Nissan and chair firm Okamura, these chairs can tidy themselves by the sound of one clap. Taking the leaf out of their autonomous driving technology, Nissan has installed the Intelligent Park Assist technology at the base of the chair (round) which will reverse, turn as well as park it under the desk. The system uses at least four motion cameras on the walls of the rooms to analyse the 3D space and they are simultaneously controlled via Wi-Fi – and with a sound of a clap, the chairs will know how to navigate and tuck themselves under the tables/desk. 

But, Nissan’s smart technology chairs are not for sale. The chairs were developed to show Nissan’s capability in the upcoming autonomous automotive technology space. Technology they plan to provide in either semi-autonomous or fully-autonomous capacity in at least ten production models by 2020. Watch this video and enjoy!

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