Blog: Day 4 - A week in my work life in 2025

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Day 4 - A week in my work life in 2025

After doing interviews for half of the day virtually using the Big Eye software and running live assessment tests, Alex started the fourth day with a trip to China on his itinerary. Read to know how it unfolded
Day 4 - A week in my work life in 2025

11th December, 2025

I got up to my new alarm today; it’s a ‘flying bird’… So, I bought this really unique alarm clock, all I do is set a time (like usual) when I need to wake up, and it literally wakes me up! A silicon bird flies out of this clock that I am supposed to catch. Almost like a physical “angry birds” game we used to have a few years ago. Makes one stretch right from the bed itself. This has been my second most amazing purchase this year after the H2O charger (read day3/5 to know about the charger). After waking up, as usual, I went for a quick jog, dressed and packed essentials in an overnighter. I needed to fly to China. It was 2 am in India at that time, and I had planned to be at the Shanghai office for my work by 12 noon - China time.

I quickly reached IGIA airport, in fact, I reached pretty early. I don’t like to take chances, didn’t want to miss my flight. I remember how I used to miss flights about 10 years ago because of massive traffic jams. Thank God, now we have self-driving cars, and traffic management has become so much easier.

While I was waiting for the flight, I bought an e-audio magazine from a store inside the airport. I got it downloaded in my reading and listening device called ‘Tudor’. I could instantly plug Tudor, directly onto my smart-watch and my office server through the free hi-speed airport Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi connections are so high speed now that I could stream many things at the same time. It took me almost no time to download yesterday’s candidates’ detailed reports based on the assessment taken. I, then, studied the reports thoroughly and looked at the data points the candidates filled into the staffing system post our yesterday’s discussions.  And finally, I connected with the shortlisted candidates and closed the offers. 

I also downloaded multi-language speaking guide which helped me interact with people when I reached Shanghai. Finally, I was inside the flight. It was a 6-hour long journey but quite comfortable.

By the way, I was going to China to deliver a training program on ‘Culture Diversity and Oneness’- in English and other translated languages. ‘Working in diverse teams’ is one area where companies, including ours, are investing hugely. Cross country teams is now almost a necessity to being successful in any large business. Teams nowadays are constantly forming and dissolving. Ramping up, getting quickly acquainted with teammates and being productive and sensitive requires deep awareness and skills. Most managers are now acquainted with at-least three languages. These days, despite having tech-translators available, senior managers are required to have lived in three or more countries to even aspire for leadership roles.

I reached Shanghai. As soon as I exited from Shanghai airport, I was received by ‘Kiri’, a very intelligent and a gorgeous robot. She identified me with the unique code and frequency I was emitting from my new wearable gadget plugged into my clothes. Once she recognized me, we both marched towards Nissan’s driverless car which was launched in 2021. Kiri and I sat in the car and reached the venue which was about 150 kms away. It only took us 30 minutes as there was no traffic and rule bending.

I reached the venue and the training room where I was greeted by my lovely participants. The gadget I was wearing was running out of battery, so I turned the Wi-Fi on and charged it through the air by harvesting energy from Wi-Fi signals. This technology called Powerwifi was launched only recently in China. Hopefully, this would enter Indian market by 2030.

While my gadget was getting charged, I thought about the days when we would take our heavy laptops, pen drives, wires and chargers along. And it never used to end here; we would test if the videos were working, or if the laptop was getting connected with screen etc. Now everything was hands free and as a facilitator, I could be much more relaxed. 

There were 20 participants from six different countries. 12 of them did not understand English. We had pushed and pre-loaded the app, ‘TensorFlow’ into each of their headsets. This revolutionary app has changed the way we communicate with others, especially when language is a problem. Participants who couldn’t understand English language selected the translation option on the app which automatically translated my spoken words into their preferred language. Through their headsets, they could listen and understand me. Life is so much simpler now.

The program comprised of 5 modules of about an hour each: - 20 minutes concept teaching; 35 minutes online practice on simulated work-boards and animated role-plays; and then a five minute summing up. After which, there was a ten minutes break. In fact, this 1 day program was just 20% of this course. The other 80% was all available online and participants could complete that over the next 30 days at their own pace and time. The final certification would be online too, in a virtual test environment.

At the end of the program I received an excellent feedback! Looks like this modular, practice based, and do it in your time, at your pace works in learning.

I had a full evening to myself to explore the city. My flight back to India was at 2 am China time. I needed to get into office the next day straight from the airport, so thought of having a good evening out. I asked a colleague who is originally from China if she was free this evening to accompany me and show me around. And she readily accepted the offer. So I spent the lovely evening just going around the beautiful streets of Shanghai. I had really scrumptious food in a small café, attended a Chinese rock concert near the café. While attending the concert, we had some more food and drinks! It was late and we decided to call it a day. She went back to her place and I to the airport. Here I am, sitting at the lounge at the Shanghai airport, sharing how my day went with my dearest diary. Let’s call it a night—good night!

Just popped my sleep pill; had a really long day. Looking forward to a 5-hour straight sleep – on the flight!

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