Blog: It’s your hardwork, Stupid! Not your gender!


It’s your hardwork, Stupid! Not your gender!

Watch how this ad aims to ‘change the way you look at a woman’s success’.
It’s your hardwork, Stupid! Not your gender!

There are better and much stronger reasons why a woman gets promoted– not because she is a woman ‘moving her way up’ making the ‘right’ moves, but because she deserved it. Most of our minds are like pigeonholes – we limit our thoughts and seldom realise it. This advertisement by Titan which has been released on the occasion of International Women’s Day, has captured this beautifully – how we typecast certain aspects of our lives because we are conditioned to think like that. Kiran, being a fresher is recommended by her manager Rajat, and ‘obviously’ because she spends most of her time with him – staying late at work, going out on weekends for work, works great as a team, and she is a star of Rajat’s team. Everybody in the room, sitting there become inquisitive to see Kiran – what does she look like, and what is in her that Rajat highly recommended her? The person who was praising Kiran for the hard work never says in the ad that it’s not a woman but a man he is referring to. But the others just simply conjures up images of a woman since it’s ‘Kiran’ – a name which is usually identified with women. 

It’s time as the ad says to ‘break the barriers’ and move on to ‘Change the way you look at a woman’s success.’ Enjoy this video! Happy Women’s Day!

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